Sunday, December 21, 2008


Easy on Sunday

My dad has a shooting compytishun today. He's going to shoot pigeons that can't be eaten. They don't even look like fev-vers.
Before he goes, we have to get our cuddling time in furrst. I am making some biscuits on him to wish him luck.

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well eric that'll bring him luck for sure!

smiles, auntie bee
Good luck, dad!
Rub his tummy for good luck -- and maybe you won't have to hunt for a dinner, Eric!
yer so hot hot hot my cinnumun raisin roll. Yer dad will make tons of pigeons (that aren't reel feevers) go dead with yer inspirashun!
Niiiiice movie. Eric you are a sweetheart and your daddy is wonderful to offer his cozy tummy for you to rest on.
Best wishes to your dad. I know he will win the shooting competition!!
Mom wants to learn how to shoot. She is a very good aim and would love to learn some day!

purrrr, Prinnie
and Merry Christmas <3
Nice snuggles.
You boyz are so cute together. I hope your dad had fun.
Those biscuits will bring your Dad very good luck, and also strengthen his tummy muscles for when he has to lean back to get that High Pheasant! (that's the one our Mum was hopeless at tee hee)

Best of luck to Eric & Flynn's Dad!

Whicky Wuudler
How cute! We hope your Dad has luck shooting pigeons that don't have fev-vers.

Luf, Us
Well, if that does not bring him good luck we can not imagine what will!
What a handsome man cat you a re making those biscuits on dad!
Good luck in the shooting competition Dad!
Good luck to your dad! I'll bet he will do real good since you kneaded his muscles to help him get warmed up.
Doze are purrty good bis-kits you madez on da dadeez tum. Buts you knowz whats I heard in da back-ground??? Dats some-one wayed 173 poundz? Oh-wait, dats right.. you guyz spendz pundz, not wayz 'em.
Tell yer dad good on abouts da birdz. Mebbe he will bring some fevverz home?
Awww Eric dadda loving is just THE best!!
An you were doing some wonderful poobling on your Daddas belleh, you did not want to get in it did you?!
(Momma is thinking of the Austin Powers " Get in mah belleh")She loves that saying! and thinks it every time we pobble her belly :)

I'm going to bed now, where Pistol will do the same thing to me.
Did he bring one back for you to play with? Cute video of dad and son!
That is a sweet video of you with your Dad, Eric :-D I can tell you and he have a special bond.
Your Dad looks like he really enjoyed your good luck charm. Sure hope it did bring good luck to him in his pigeon shoot.

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