Sunday, December 14, 2008


Easy on Sunday

Stop touching me!


Hi Boys!
Your picture made us laugh out loud! You guys sure are cute!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Hahahahahahahaha! That's sooo funny!
This is cute! Isn't it just great to have a brother?
hahahha That is funny! even more coz you can't see he is sleeping and not.. ohh ok.. you know this already... ;)

My mommy laughed out loud when she saw that picture and caption. We received your Christmas card. Thank you so much! You two look adorable in the picture on the card.
That is so funny...I will be able to do that when I am bigger...'cause.....I am the new Cat Street Boy! Glad to meet you Eric and Flynn!=^Y^=My beans are still working on my name
Hey but you know in a few hours he just wants to remind you you are on my blog... :)
I think your brother will feel easier while he is touching you :)
Bwahahaha! That cracked us up! And made Mom snort some coffee out. That cracked us up, too!
Me and my mum laughed at that picture too. You guys are awesome, living a super life.
Now, nice to each other...

(that's what our mom sez to us all the time!)
We playz that game all da time!

P.S. - we is putting yer book in da mail on Monday 12/15.
Are you saying 'I'm not touching youuuu'? That is what we do!
Happy Sunday!
~ Noah and The Bunch
What a sweet photo. You two remind me of Opus and Roscoe. What great pals you two are. They too were always nearby each other and always touching.
Brotherly love - or is it? FAZ
Go on, touch him again, but wait until he's almost fallen asleep!

Tee Hee

Wicked Wuudler
Poke! Poke! Poke!
HaHaHa! Brothers...
I think he wants you to wake him and chase him all through the house :-D
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