Thursday, December 18, 2008


Christmas Tree

The other day we wanted to get our Chris Mouse tree up so mum said she would help us. Here I am with the middle section on the floor getting the branches nicely spread out.

I thought it would be a good idea to put my stink on it as we went along.

I tasted it as well to make sure it was our tree and not an introoder tree.

Then Eric came along and we checked the box was empty together.

Yup, all seems in order. Nuffin left in here.

Then I had to check the box handle worked properly.

Next thing was to make sure it wuz in the proper purrzishun for hiding under.

I wuz getting tired by then cuz I wuzn't getting much help furrom Eric or mum. I couldn't even have a rest in my Ham-Mick cuz someone had put all the shiny whapping balls on it.

Phew! Finished at last. Next time I think I will leave it for mum to do.

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You two are great helpers! Love the tree! Merry Christmas!
WOW! I never knew cats can actually put up a X-mas tree! You guys are awesome.
And don't miss to watch the conclusion of our latest CCSI mystery playing at Sassy's right now! Links are at our blog.
And tomorrow we will have a contest at The Cat Realm!
You two did an excellent job. Loook at all those wonderful whapping balls! That teddy bear at the top looks like it would be great fun to play with.
Oh, you guys are the best helpers EVER! And your tree is so very pritty and Christmasy! We we
ould say you are really ready for Santa Claws to arrive!!!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
What a purrty tree!!! I (Kiara) hadded to taste owrs too....while it wuz still up. Momma kept saying sumfing 'bout me gettin' leck-tro-q-ted. Don't know what that means.
~Meeko & Kiara
Nice job! That's a very pretty tree!
You did a great job helping put up the tree.
I bet that is the best smelling tree ever!

And what a cool box.
Hi boys... The tree looks great. Now see if you can knock it down. It drives the beans crazy.
Wow - you 2 are so helpful! We never help our human like that. ;)
Those are great helpers.!! Very attractive Christmas tree.
You boys did a marvelous job, except for the part where Eric didn't help too much. The tree looks wonderful, Flynn! Have a lovely nap under it now!
What a lovely tree. You two are good lads for putting it up and not giving it a good savaging. No one in this house can stay awake long enough to put up our tree!

Whicky Wuudler
Your tree is beauoooootiful. You did a good job helping your mum. Best you all snugle on the couch and watch the pretty lights.

Merry christmas my lovely English friends.
You two are the bestest helpers! I bet your Mommy really appreciates your help!
You two did a good job getting that tree up! It looks beautiful! And Flynn, we're glad to hear you put a little of your stink on it...
A box of tails! Lovin' it.
Now that you've got
your tree up,
it is time for you to go
up the tree.
You both did an excellent job of snoopervisin and puttin up dat twee...and what a purrtee twee it is. We don't have a furry tall twee in fact Momma put up lots of small ones furr us to sniff.

Yall did a great job of helping. It looks gorgemous!
Wow, that's a lot of work! You are verry thorough in checking the box and efurrything. Merry Christmas!

Finny Buddy & Jazzy

PS: Fanks for supporting the orangies!!
You guys are such good snoopervisors! We love our tree box too!
As always boys you have done a grand job there! Your tree looks fab-u-lous & oh so whap-able.
My mummy & I are going to the Grandbean's house next week & she says there is a big tree there just waiting for me to attack...I mean admire....!
Purrs from Mr Woo xx
You did a grand job there! It looks cool!

Purrs, Sukie x
Wow, you worked really hard! I can see that you are the Organizer Cat in the family. I like giving orders, too--I mean, making sure things are done right!

I fink you found a great place for hidin'. Are you going to climb the tree now and whap all the shiny balls off?
That is a beautiful tree and you two were such great helpers - especially you Flynn.

MY MOTHER still has not decorated!
I do not know how anything would ever get done without you boys! Your tree is pretty.
It's a lot of work getting the tree up. We snoopervised Dad the other day. But he hasn't done the ornaments yet. Good work, your tree looks great.
Flynn, you did an excellent good job putting up and decorating the Christmas tree :-) I'm sorry you didn't have more help though.

PS: Those are cute pictures of you and Eric in the box.
The stinkifying process is a very impawtant one! There can never be enough stink!, Ifs we get separated from the things we like it is then easy to track down with the stink whiffer!

PES: Your Chrissy tree looks just perfect for climbing!!
PESS: dudes... I KNOW what you WERE doing in the box but it is NOT what it LOOKS like!!
Now come one guys.. you knows the pawparazzi, they could have turned that story into a "days of your lives" type thang...:P

Flynn, all your hard work paid off. Your tree looks great!
Eric and Flynn - now you can do what we did to help! We played thundering herd of elephants under and around the tree until it fell over!!

We were very popular. We blamed Tigger who wouldn't play with us.

Hugs from Pyewacket and Trixie of topcatrules. :)
What would those two leggededs of yours do without you two?

Wiry wags, Eric
Flynn, you did a great job with your tree!
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