Thursday, December 04, 2008


Checking Up.

First of all it rained all the time.
Then it got cold and there was nasty stuff on the ground that you couldn't see, but when you walked on it, it made your legs fly all over the place. It wasn't worth going out, so we stayed in front of the fire and toasted our toesies.
Well, I've had enough. I need to go outdoors and make sure everything is in order.
I have to look over the edge because badgers live there and I want to make sure they haven't put more earth there.

I can't see them. Maybe I will see better if I look from the tree.

Nope, everything looks deserted.

I would climb to the top of the tree and see even more from there, but it is a bit cold. Maybe I will go back by the fire. I expect the badgers are all in their houses sitting by the fire too.

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That looks kinda fun, but I'd snooze by the fire if I was yoo.
I went outside for a little today and chase some silly sparrows who were eating pecans. I didn't catch one, tho'. I went back inside to toast my toes, too!

Hey! We're fellow toes toasters!
We have way too many inches of that white stuff again. But none of that sneaky slippy stuff.
Oh yea its warmer to be inside, da tree looks furry windy up there. Is it?
You are doing very neat checking~!!!!
That is very cool seeing you climbing on trees.
Oh yes, go back and toast your toesies!
We think it would be better to sit by the fire and warm your toesies...but looking for badgers would be a close second...
that looks like fun, but warm tosies sounds more better
My choice would be to snooze by the fire!
Your Mum and Dad are lucky to have you as their Security Patrol Flynn, you do a fine job. I hope your toes were properly toasted when you got back inside.

Whicky Wuudler
Naps by da fires sounds like heaven here on earth! We hopes yoo is all warm and toastee now.

What the devil is a badger? It sounds "bad" to us! Be careful out there in the jungle.
Badgers, we don't need no stinkin' badgers.

Be careful around those badgers, they sound ruthless. I'd stay by the fire if I were you.
That looks like a great climbin' tree but Mom likes us usin' the trees that are inside. Toy has escaped through legs going out the door a few times then all the beans are called to duty and out the door returning minutes later with a very disappointed TOY!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
I only climbed a tree once, and I nefur wanna do dat again. I couldn't get down and I was askeert and Mama got all scratchy from the tree and me trying to get me down.

I'm glad it's all clear for you. I mean really that's important, isn't it?
I'm glad you had a chance to check it all out and can now rest next to the fire.

You know what wandered into the barn last night as the LL was soaking Snap's hoof? A ginormous raccoon. It just looked at her, she waved it away and walked its very large butt out of the barn. They're getting cheeky.

Now that you have checked everything out, you can rest by the fire with a clear mind.
I hate that icy stuff that makes your feet fly all over. I think you were very brave to go out in that and then smart to go back indoors to warm up!
Brrrr, it has been cold here too! All the pavements have been icy and slippery. And mum's school was closed on Tuesday because of the broken heating. FREEEEEZING!
Yup, dis is da time of year where even Zippy questions whether it's worth going outside. She stayed in last night but went out this afternoon with mom for a little while when the sun was shining...even with the sun it was 24F or -4C~brrrrrrr
A toasty fire sounds very nice for napping in front of.
You iz very brave for going out in the cold!! And what a lookout you haves! hehe Maybee you should have gone to visit the badgers and seen their toasty fireplace too :)

We had some slippery stuff too! I went out in it, and when my toes got a bit cold, I came back in like you!

Purrs, Sukie x
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