Sunday, November 02, 2008


We're happy now!!

Yayyyy!!!!!! The Beans are home and they have released us furrom our purrizzen cell. We thought they were never coming home again and we nearly furrgot what they looked like. Mum says she will help us do a proper post tomorrow, but we mightn't haf any pikchurs cuz they are all on the PC, and it is having an overhaul while they wuz on their Holly Days. She said if she has got time she will put some on the laptop furr us. What duz she mean, if she's got time??? They desert us furr over three weeks and then she sez she mightn't haf time. Pfffttt!!!
Eric said we had to ignore them when they came home. I tried but I couldn't. I had to keep following mum in case she disappeared again. He went in the garden and sulked under the tree. I sat on mum's lap in front of the fire. I don't think I'm the dumb one!
We are all off to bed now cuz they wuz talking about someone called Jett Lagg. I don't think he is a furrend of theirs though.

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Thank dog. You are back. I've been wagging worried. Thought that.. gulp..the fierce doggie the other side of the fence could have frighten you.I'd come and get him if he did.You tell me ok?

I'll bring you over some niptini's from the Howl o een Pawty this week,...make you all sleepy.... even more than usual,,he,hee!!

Wiry wags, eric x
Wiry wags, Eric x
Well, it's about time! They could at least have called home every evening to talk to you and let you know they still remembered who you are.

Not that Jan would either, but, hey, we can always make them feel guilty.
woo hoo! i am so happy you are back!

smiles, auntie bee
Welcome back, guys!!! I missed you lots. Make sure your mum keep her word and blog for you extra hard.
Yay! You guys are back! We missed you!

Laila and Minchie
Did they bring you presents? If they were gone that long, they better have brought back presents!
Welcome back! We missed you!
We missed you SO much! Thank goodness you are back!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Bout time they got home! i have missed you. Looking forward to your blog with new pictures!
I can not believe how fast this is gone!!
I am very glad you are both back we missed you, and it is very good to know your Momma and dadda are home safely!
We can not wait to hear about their escapades! :)

It's very nice to have you back - even with Mr Jet Lagg in tow!
YEAH! You are back!!!!
Yay your beans are home. Did they bring you Greenies like they promised?
Glad the beans are home. I always plan to ignore my beans when they come back from a long abandonment, but I can never quite manage it properly. Can't wait to see some holiday snaps!
Woo hoo from us too. I am glad my ginger friend will be bloging back on the farm. Can't wait to see the hollydaze pictures either.

Big smoocheroonies.
Hooray! Your Mom & Dad are back and you can start blogging again! We really missed you boys!
We sure did miss you guys! I am so glad that your folks are home!
Yay we are glad dat the beans are home and now we can see you and Flynn!

That is great news your beans are back :-D
So glad that they made it home safely and freed you. I think you are right, snuggling in front of the fire beats sulking any day.
Woohoo! Welcome back! We missed you.
We're so glad you're home safe and sound!
Welcome back! We missed you. We hope your beans had a lovely relaxing vacation.
Oh we bet yoo is happy kittys but yes we wud be aloof too, yoo cant show dem yoo actually missed em (dat much).
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