Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Tummy Tuesday

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Tickle tummy!
Tickle tummy!
Tickle tummy!
Uh oh...now you've gone and done it...mommy wants to come kiss your tummy!!! Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss...oh how obnoxious she can be!!!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang

PS...uh, your tummy is really cute...we wouldn't mind snugglin' with you just like mommy wants to!
You've claimed that seat for your own, Flynn, and you did it with such an adorable pose that no human would ever try to move you -- well done, mate!
Lots of tummy rubs from mum.
Oh Momma will never stop petting your tummy! She loves white kitty bellies on orange kitties!

Now that is a relaxed kitty!

Tickle, tickle!
What a clean white furry furry tempted tummy~!
Ohh you knows that tummy is just itching for a face rub!!
Even down to your cute as pie bunny paws so they is not in the way of the faces in your tummy!! ;)

Your mum must have been itching to give you a big smooch.

Thanks for the belly-fix! Mommy needed that!
My mom would be blowin' raspberries on my belleh if I were stretched out like that!

She's soooo weird!
That pictures just calls out for Tummy rubs and smoochies!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Oh no . . . my mommy wants to go in for a snorgle!!!!
::::kiss kiss kiss::::
:::kiss kiss::::
Oh Flynn my Momma makes such a fool outta herself ofur floofiness.

Now, this I cannot resist! *kiss, kiss, rub, rub, nuzzle, nuzzle* :o)
You have a cute tummy, Flynn!
Oooh! A squidgy tummy!

Purrs, Sukie x
Oh my ... my Mom would not be able to resist that tummy!
I think you need a belly rub ;-)
That is a fine tummy!!
~ The Bunch
A snorgly tummy rub is in order. Thankyou for coming by and leave kind get well messages. I am slowly recovering and eating. Soon I will be able to party!!!!
Now that's a tummy to be proud of, Flynn!
For sure, I would pat that tummy!
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