Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Tummy Tuesday

Aaaarghh take the flashy box away, I'm trying to sleep.
I have been asked if that is really my beautiful tail. I'm sorry to disappoint, but no that is not attached to me. If I had such a wonderful tail I would carry it around proudly. It is actually the edge of our vishus deerskin bed which I have pushed back a bit with my feet. I wonder if I can get it transplanted.

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I'd be hidin' my eyes, too, Eric, if my mom was flashin' me in my sleep-wait-she DOES FLASH ME IN MY SLEEP!!! MOOOooom!
Humans and their flashy boxes! And those Awwww and Ohhhhh and Cuteeeee... all that when you are just trying to catch some sleep!
Why, oh why, do those humans always come around with the flashy box whenever we kitties try to sleep? Why then would they complain when we plonk ourselves on their faces when they sleep?
I feel your pain, Eric! What a beautiful white belly!
only 38 dayz til chrissmuss?
wow ... i can't beleeve it.
Well the woman wants to rub your tummy and we are thinking we will make you move so we can snooze on that blanket. We loves ours!
Eric we just want to blow raspberries on that hot tumtum of yours!! But what stands our even more is how big your tail looks in that picture.. holey cow man!!
Talk about Tail envy! :P hehe

My bean always annoys me like that as well.
You're so cute sleeping there

~ Bae
The Pawparazzi are just so ruud!
Mind you, with such a beautiful tum in the house, I do admit it would be hard for humans to resist taking

Whicky Wuudler
It's hard to get any peace when you are as handsome as you are Eric!
Lovely tum!!

That is NOT your tail is it???????????????
Inquiring minds want to know: (see comment from Goldie, Shade & Banshee)... IS THAT YOUR TAIL? Wow, what a tail.
Aw man, Eric, isn't that annoying?
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Oh no - the Mom person says she wants to snorgle your tummy. Look out, we think she means it.
I think your tail is much cuter...Hugs Ariel
Watch out. Mommy is coming in for a snorgle.
Eric watch out furrs my Mom she wants to give you a BIG tummy rub....

:::tickle tickle tickle::::

That's a good optical illusion, Eric! Because it does look like you have a really, really long, floofy tail!
What a great belly shot! You keep your belly furs very nice. I am constantly jealous of your deer skin.

Hey yoo had me fooled with your faux tail too! I'm happy with my tail though. I think a big floofy one wood be hevvy to carry around.
That would be quite a tail Eric!
Eric, how much are you weighing lately buddy? Because this picture as well as the last several show you looking quite svelte.
Loverly picture! Sorry you had to cover your eyes!

Luf, Us
Aren't they annoying wif der flashy boxes? So we disturb der sleep every chance we get? Well, akshooally, we do, but dat's not da point.
Eric, a vishus deerskin bed? Gulp does he kick up with his hoofsies or butt you with his antlers? Sleep somewhere else Eric.

Wags, Eric x x
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