Saturday, November 29, 2008


Tired Out

We have been working so hard the last few days writing out our Chris Mouse cards that now I am worn out. Yup, I need a sleep, I didn't even see the flashy box coming. Flynn will have to do the rest on his own.

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Nighty-night, sweet Eric! Hope you have wonnerful dreams of mousies and nip!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
You sure looked tired Eric. Don't worry, there sure would be lots of catnip for you when you wake up :)
We got yours already! You were very fast and must have worked super hard!
Ssshhhh! Eric is sleeping!

*tiptoes away*
Well, I hope you get a good catnip so that you are not too tired out to teleport over for my Trash the House Paw-ty!
Writing out cards is very tiring! Nice long naps are in order :O)

Purrs, Sukie x
Yep, all this holiday stuff is furry tiring...get some rest, Eric...
You must have worked very, very hard, Eric! Guess what! We got our Chris Mouse card yesterday! Our very first one! Ours are ready and going out Monday!
I customized some of our cards with kitty teeth and claw marks. I think that is called embossing.
Poor little sleepy-bug! I hope you get some rest now.
SSSSShhhhhhh! Let him rest!
Momma is making silly noises and then she said she would like to kiss your feets! Oh, well, she kisses mine all the time.

Oh, poor Eric! You look simply exhausted!
Good to have a brother to help you. Happy napping and sweet dreams!!
Nite, nite Eric. Mom says we are going to work on our cards tomorrow.
Wait, yoor mom made yoo WORK? Dat is aminal krooalty! Den she din't even leave alone to take yoor nap!
Um, mom sez yoo prolly weren't akshooally writing da cards but snoopervising is exhausting too...
Awww poor Eric.. man do you look so tuckered out!
Dude could you not have picked a more soft and comfy spot ? :)
I hopez you did not to the "There was three in the bed and the little one said..." hehe

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