Tuesday, November 11, 2008



It's rained and rained today so mum told us we had to stay in until it stopped. It's nearly stopped so I'm going out now. Yikes! Where did this water come from?

This needs investigating. It wuzn't there last night when we went to bed. Did I see a fishie then? Oh no, it wuz just a leaf.

I just can't see where it came from. Maybe somebody turned the hosepipe on.

I'll have to walk around the edge to see if there are any clues about who put it there. This is supposed to be our garden and our grass furr us to lie on and play on.

I know what happened! Somebody put a paddling pool there in the middle of the night.

In that case I'd better go furr a paddle.

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uh oh! wet tosies!!!

smiles, auntie bee
You need two pair of boots to keep your feet dry. Actually you need four pair of boots so both of you will be able to walk through the water in your yard.
Splish, splash, keep those paws clean.
Who dared put all dat water in yur yard? Maybe it'll flush owt any mousies or ofur animals an yoo can eat dem.
Uh oh! I bet someone brought some muddy footprints into the house.
That is a lot of rain!

Purrs, Sukie x
Oh that rain looks like fun! I love to play in water!

You bring mousies in from outside??? That is so cool!

Raining is very annoying~!
I think it's better get inside to let yourself dryer~!!
That's some serious raining. My yard looks pretty much like that after a downpour too.
Yikes! You're, like, actually *walking in that wet stuff - I'd be totally freaked out! :0
They is some very good investigations!!
I am in awe of your manly-catly-ness!
Holy jamoley! I can not believe that you paddled.. woooahh :O

I'd go back in until they dry that up.
Did you catch any fishies Flynn?
You know what you must do Flynn. The cold wet paws must now be applied to your Mum or Dad. It is very manly to give them the cold wet paw gift. They will be really grateful.

If it freezes you are going to have your own ice rink!

Whicky Wuudler
I bet you got your pawsies wiped before you got to come back in the house!
Sopping wet feet! i bet your mom loved having them run back into the house!!

oh wow, you look like you get as much rain as we do! Do you do the shaky paw move when your paws get wet?
Whoa! You do not even mind wet pawsies? We do not enjoy getting our feets wet at all!
You guys need some boots to keep your toesies from getting wet!
It's just not right for the rain to come and ruin your resting spot. Hope it dries up soon.
Aren't your feets going to get wet???
Oh oh oh wet toe pawsies?? Yoo like dat? It's not cold either?
That would be all ice if you were here. Glad it's just wet or your paws would be very very cold.

Sara and the Cafe Cats
Flynn! You walked right into all that water! You are very silly. Do you wear something called "Wellingtons"?
Jeepers Flynn - that's a lot of water! Don't you need a boat?!
Flynn you are so lucky you get to go outside! My tootsies have never touched ground! You look like you are having fun! *giggles*

That certainly does look like a paddling pool! Sometimes our yard looks like that when it rains too hard or too long :/
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