Friday, November 07, 2008


The Poser

What do you mean, I'm a poser? At least I don't walk off like Eric when he sees the flashy box.

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Dearest Flynn,
All of the girls in the Whiskers and Purrs Gang think you are very handsome!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Flynn it is very good to be called a poser even though we know you do it to keep your Momma happy. This is why it is a good thing! :)

We did never notice before just how wowie long your neck is??

Does it make it easier to get the leezards that climb high in the bushes? wowie! That is neato! :)

Being a poser is better in the long run because it means that the beans get their good shots more quickly and then they leave you in peace and don't chase you around and hassle you. Wise move, Flynn.
If anyone looks that good , they should and smoochie kisses
u ar jus dat!
peace brudderz.
omc, omc- my cheesefilled muffin is owt of prizzzun! Oh how i've missed yoo my appul daynish with a caramel swerrul!!!! Grate job claiming the soootcase as a bed! Oh, and try to let yer peepuls take a qwik piktur before you run away from the flashy thing.

Missed yoo like a banana split misses a cherry on top!
Flynn you is just the business!! Look at you, not posy at all.
But you look comfy posing there. I might not move either.
What they mean when they call you a poser Flynn is actually "accomplished model" - the camera loves you see. My Mum thinks your long tail is just the best thing ever!

Whicky Wuudler
HooBoy Flynn, your being a poser is a very good thing!
And a very handsome poser you are if we do say so ourselves.
I'm a bit of a poser too. Mum wishes the others were but they always walk away from the camera!

You look lovely in your photos :O)

Purrs, Sukie x
You are a great Poser, Flynn!
Being a poser is a good thing, Flynn! You deserve many treats for that.
It's good to be a poser!
Did you guys lose weight while your people were away?
How cute is that!!!

Luf, Us
Didja get treats fur posing? Maybe Eric is just shy...
I think your Mum means it as a compliment, Flynn :-)

All of us gurls over here at ManxMnews have a fing fur ginger boys...

hubba hubba
Abby,Boo and Gracie
anycat as handsome as you owes it to the world ta pose fur picshures. purrrrrrrrrrrrr!
You look so handsome! We missed you guys so much!
We think she means poser in a good way! 'Cause you look wonderful!
In this case, being a poser is a compliment, Flynn! :)
You say that like it is a bad thing!
I like pictures taken of me in proper worship of my Man Cat self. You are just exercising your right as a Man Cat.

Well done, Flynn! How is that they call us names when we do as they wish and when we don't? People are so weird!

Did your folks have a good holiday?
I am so glad your humans got back from their holiday Flynn. Did they go to Boston when they bought those Red Sox caps? My mum wants to know if they saw the harbour dolphins in the tank on the harbour. She liked them when she went to Boston.

My humans are going to Devon Grandma's again for Christmas this year, and I'm going too, so we'll be in the same county!
I'm more of a hider like Eric.
Very nice job! You get so much more attention from the mom when you pose for the flashy box.
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