Friday, November 14, 2008


My Nippy Carrot - Video

My nippy carrot is my most favourite toy in the world and I like playing with it in my Ham-Mick the best of all. I put the noospaper there. You can't see the rest, but I put them all over the floor.

I was playing Peek a Boo with it unner the Ham-Mick.

I had been playing with it furr ages, then mum decided she would video me when I wuz nearly fed up with playing. I like bunny kicking it and when I finish playing, I like to sleep on it so I can smell the nip.

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Hi Flynn! What a kool hammock you have to play on! Loved your video playing with your carrot toy! You looked like you were having lots of fun! Thanks for sharing!
it does look like lots of fun flynn, i wonder if i should get one...

smiles, auntie bee
Oah Adorable Flynn,
It does look lots of fun~!!!!!
I can see how much happy you are~!
Wow, live-action Flynn! I never knew that ham-micks could be such fun... do they smell or taste like ham?
Hey, Flynn, we have the same carrot. Lots of orange in those pictures! You were really giving that carrot a good workover.
That looks like great fun!
OMC Flynn you really go to town.. and you was only winding down?!?! haha I loves your bunny kicks! :)

That was a pawsome display of mancatly-ness! My Meowmy loved the expression on your face when you were bunny kicking. I think we might have to get a nip carrot now.
-Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar
Hahaha! You are in a total Nip Carrot Frenzy Flynn, those are some top quality bunny kicks too!

Yay for going bonkers!

Whicky Wuudler
Awww Flynn look at you the carrot moviestar.

Happy buny kicking weekend.
Your nippy carrot sound wonderful. We also love our Catnip-Bert! ;-)
Just read all the other posts we have missed... you look awesome with all your new hats! ;-)
woo woo! That looks like lots of fun!'re having so much fun! We gotta get us a nip carrot!
That nippy carrot looks like great fun!

Purrs, Sukie x
That was so much fun, Flynn! We love the look on your face in the freeze-tframe of the video! hahaha! Now we wish we had one!
How kyoot is that? Playin wid yur carrot on yur Ham-Mick!!!

Luf, Us
That looks like a lot of fun!!! The PM is making us some nip salad items out of felted wool. I hope she makes us a carrot as good as that one!!

Purrs Goldie
You keep that looking like new! My carrot is top-less as some meezer I'm sure ripped out the fev-vers.

Flynn, you play just like a young kitten!
Dude did she actually ask if yoo was a good boy? Aren't we always good??
You are so cute chomping on that nip carrot! Quite the kitten at heart.
Never had a nip carrot but you sure look as if you are enjoying yourself immensely.
We gotta get us a nip carrot!
And a Ham-mick!
Kill it, Flynn, kill it! That is a great video of you playing with your nip carrot :-D
Great video! We had to watch it was so funny.
Oh yeah, bunny kicking da nip carrot or da nip banana is really fun! Yoo do a really good job beating that up.
Hey now, Flynn, that was fun to watch you kickkickkicking your nip carrot, and just as much fun to watch you decide not to cooperate with your human mom just because she wanted to take video of it. Well done!
What a neat hammock to play on.
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