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More Holiday Photos

We told mum that she can post some more of their holiday photos but that has to be the lot. It is our blog after all, not hers.
The first one is of Cavendish Beach Prince Edward Island. She said you can buy T shirts which have been dyed from the red soil of the rocks in the foreground. They didn't bring us back T shirts though.

This is the house where L M Montgomery used to live in Cavendish. She wrote the book, Anne of Green Gables and got her inspiration from the locality. The house is a museum now and you can walk around the grounds.

This is in the Citadel in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Every day at noon, the cannon gets fired and so it is called The Noon Gun.

The next place they stopped at was St. John in New Brunswick. These are the sea caves at St.Martins.

These are two covered bridges at St. Martins.

Also in New Brunswick, they stopped at the St.John river to see the reversing rapids. The tide was halfway out so it wasn't making rapids then but the river was still flowing in reverse although you can't really tell from the photo.
Next stop was Portland Maine and they took the trolley bus to Cape Elizabeth. Mum had to take photos of the sea because she's got a thing about water and sunsets. Don't know why when she can take photos of us instead.

This is the lighthouse at Cape Elizabeth.

When they got to Boston they decided to walk the Freedom Trail and saw Paul Revere's house. Instead of sticking with the trail they went off different ways. Mum says they like to follow their noses to find things. They also saw Fanueil Hall and mum was wondering if someone could tell her if Fenway Park is taken from that name as it is so similar.

Right, this is the last photo and it is of Astor's Beechwood Mansion on Newport Rhode Island.
If we let her, mum would probably have tried to put all 240 of her photos on OUR blog, but we said 'No way!' We hope you have liked them.


Mum was very excited to see your photos as she knows New England and the Maritimes quite well. Fenway and Fellsway refer to very old parts of the city of Boston and the near suburbs. The names are British in origin- fells and fens being geographic terms (hills and swamps)
Fanueil ( pronounced fannel by the locals) is named for an early Boston merchant Peter Fanueil. She thinks he may have been Huguenot as there were many Huguenots in the area then.
We hope you had some tasty treats in the North End!
thanks for sharing!
Toby, Cupcake and Mum
What beautiful photos. New England is one place mom hasn't really visited too much, but everyone says it is wonderful.
Wow! What nice pictures! My mom grew up in RI and went to school in Boston, so this was fun for her to see. She says Fanueil Hall was named after the merchant who built it in the 1700s, and she thinks Fenway Park was named for a Boston neighborhood. No relation between to the two, though.

Hope your mum and dad had fun on their trip!
Such pretty places!
I like that tide photo~!!!
Makes my mind all open~!!!
What a great trip. I'm a bit surprised that you two didn't get some of those cool t-shirts dyed red ... or those hats worn by the cadets at the Citadel (they look like biscuit jar lids, don't they?).
deer e + f
i wuz gointa anser yer kweschunz abowt fanueil hall an fenway park becuz mi mom iz frum boston (befor mi dad kidnapped her an made her a noo york yankee fan) ... but da tower hill mob beet me to it! dey hadda better eksplanashun anyway.
i like doze pikshurz a lot! 240 izzen't dat much more.
We personally like your Mommas pictures!! Momma never got to go those places when she went to the Sates, she did get to see the Amish peoplez which she was happy about, she loves seeing different ways of life hehe
I rekkon that you and your Momma surley can do a deal... You are nice guys... :P

Great pics!!! We are glad your folks liked this part of the world!!!

Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee
We liked your mums pictures, and would be happy to see all 240 of them, as long as there are some ginger boyz thrown in.
Dearest Eric and Flynn,
Your mommy and daddy sure had some wonnerful adventures! We wish they had come to Virginia where we live. We would've given them lots of headbutts and purrs.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Nope, no T-shirt for you. All you got were those silly hats!

Mom is from a suburb of Boston! She loves the Freedom Trail and Boston is still her favorite city to visit!

Fanueil Hall was named after a wealthy Boston merchant, Peter Faneuil.

Fenway Park Trivia:

I know Fenway Park was so named because it's in the "Fenway section" of Boston. But, where did the
name "Fenway" come from? How did that "Fenway section"
get named? Who or what was the original Fenway? Thanks.

As Olmsted’s engineering masterpiece, the Back Bay "Fens" was designed to solve the increasing problems caused by flushing out the stagnant Muddy River waterway at low tide.

Transformed from a salt-to a fresh-water marsh after 1910 with the creation of the Charles River Dam, the "Fens" encompasses a variety of features; the elegant Rose Garden, War Memorials, and the community "Victory Garden".
Those are nice photos. This one guy the Massage Therapist knows has a T-shirt that says "There once was a lady from Nantucket..." which is the start of really dirty limerick. The funny thing is, he says he got it in Nantucket!
Those are nice photos. This one guy the Massage Therapist knows has a T-shirt that says "There once was a lady from Nantucket..." which is the start of really dirty limerick. The funny thing is, he says he got it in Nantucket!
Those are very beautiful pictures, buddies. Momma says she has always wanted to go to PEI. I'm not much of a traveler myself, but I like to look at the pictures!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
wow, those are beautiful!!!!
Wow those were fabulous...our Momma ooo and awww over the water picture...she loves pictures of the water and sunsets/rises too.

Wonderful pictures! It sounds like your Mama had a good time, but I'll bet she's glad that she's home with you now.
You are making my person want to go visit there. Now if she does, what will I do?!
Maw hasn't been there so these were wonderfully interesting fotos for her. You can let her put some more up. It's ok occasionally to let her use your space.

Luf, Us
We enjoyed seeing pictures from your mom's trip. Looks like your beans had a really good time and saw lots of stuff!
What an interesting trip they had. The Anne of Green gables house, we didn't know it was real. Great stuff.

Did your Mum and Dad bring you back any hats at all?

Tee hee

Whicky Wuudler
It looks like a wonderful vacation!
Did you know the Woman was born and raised in Maine? In fact her first home was Calais, right on the Canadian border. I don't think Fenway has anything to do with the hall but I'm not positive.

Wonderful photos! Thanks for letting your Mum share them :-)
We wud lubs to see em all! If yoo put dem in a place like photobucket and sent da link we'd lub it! Ok well the mom wud but its cuz it wud keep her still fer us to sit near her!
Thanks for letting yoor mom put her piksher up, our mom liked dem and we is trying to keep her happy.
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