Wednesday, November 05, 2008


More Hats.

Yikes! dad's bought more hats furr us to wear. How many times do we haf to tell him WE DO NOT WEAR HATS!!

Akshully though, I think I look pretty good in this Yankees hat. Do you think JH will furrgive us furr the Red Sox hat yesterday?

I think he will, but never mind that Eric, just look at my hat! What do you think of that?

Okay, I've worn the hat, so now I think I should be allowed to put the bitey on it. I think we should tell dad he can have the hats, they will look better on him than on us.

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Well, sometimes, we have to entertain human, aren't we?
You are doing great~!!!!
I think there will be no hat anymore!
You look cute in your hats! I just don't do caps or hats around here.
heer'z wut jeter thinkz ...
woo hoo ... u look GRATE!!!!
i know it'z disturbin to put onna hat ... but a #2 jeter iz a grate look fer u!
an i diden't mind u warin da red sox cap. i'm jus dat kinda guy.
yer beanz went to "beantown???" i'm laffin an laffin.
how wuz it?
I think that hat is a good look on you.
hhaha I like the idea of putting the bitey on it too! :)

You had to suffer the humiliation of wearing a hat, of course you have every right to put the bitey on it. Plus we like to put the bitey on most things anyways....

Dude you going to leave furs all over your dads head.

I hope they had a greaaaaaaaat trip, but I bet they are enjoying their own bed.
Those are cute hats! However, hats are hard for us cats to wear. We find them really hard to wear with our frootbat ears!
There is a reason that hats and hiss both have four letters in them!
Be careful or you will quickly turn into hataholics.
Looks like you might be enjoying those hats just a little too much! Mom keeps trying to put one on me and I shake it off quickly!
We are SO jealous that you got a Jeter hat!
The bitey is the thing to do I think ;O)

Purrs, Sukie x
I think hats are to play with, not to wear! I think everything is to play with!!

Precious Flower
Love the hats! You deserve lots of treats for entertaining the dad with them.
Puttin da bitey on it sounds like da bestest fing!

I clicked here from Jeter's blog for a Good Time. And I was not disappointed!
Our dad golfs everywhere and brings home lots of golf shirts. He has so many they don't fit in the closet anymore.
Maybe you could turn one of those hats upside down and fill it with treats. That way it would at least be useful.
You can never go wrong with the bitey . . .
What an exciting day for JH, to see a #2 hat across the Pond! You were good hat models, buddies, but I agree--time to put the bitey on the hats.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Oh, you guys look great in your hats. But next time, tell your humans to bring you something you can really toys!
Doodz. Way too many hats!

Luf, Us
I can't do hats! Though momma trys and trys!!
I think JH would approve!

You guys look smashing in hats, even though you don't like to wear them.
Your dad needs to bring you some cat-size hats!!
WOW I reely luv that Jeter 2 hat!!!!
Cool hats! But your Daddy still didn't get the right team :-p

Sunny says you should put the bitey on the hats. That's what he does ;-) He bunnykicks it, too!
Yer right hats are fer beans not us kittys therefore the bitey is acceptable to use.
Just bite the hats, then bunny kick them and give them a good mauling.
Well I do think the red sox hat looks much much better after all we all know the red sox are the bestest team in the whole world i think you should put the yankees hat some were were you wont forget it like the litter box. Just a sugestion

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