Monday, November 17, 2008


Mancat Monday

When our Beans were on their Holly Days, all our toys were put in purrizen with us. When they came back, mum put all our toys in the toy box to bring them back indoors. She just threw them all in together. That's right, she just mixed them all up with not a thought to us. I had to tip all the toys out to see what had happened. Can you guess what I was looking for?

Ahh here it is, my most faveritist nippy carrot. A mancat needs his nip.
Eric can't find his scruffy rat. He's very upset cuz he's had it since he wuz a babycat. Mum sez it has to be in the garage somewhere and he must haf hidden it. He told her he did hide it but he can't remember where, so she said she will help him look.

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Eric, I hope your mum finds your scruffy rat! I know I'd sure miss my fevver balls if they were lost..and my twisty ties, and my fevver wand, and...
Dearest Flynn,
We sure hope you and Eric find all of your toys. At least your momma said she would help you find your scruffy rat, Eric. I tell ya, it's just not easy bein' a cat what with all of the stuff we've gots to go through!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
I can see how much you love the nip~!!!
You can find it out,
that is really amazing~!
Gotta have the nip.
I am glad you are getting that stuff sorted out. How thoughtless of your human to do that.
This is awful, I would send out a search party!
Nothing like a nip carrot...hope Eric finds the aren't hiding it Flynn, are you?
Can't get enough of the nip!!!!

Herb of the gods.

Purrs Goldie
nippity nip nip nip
Poor Eric! We hope he finds his scruffy rat soon! Flynn, so happy you have been reunited with your carrot.
Oh yes, Toys must be carefully put away, with our favourites on the TOP!!

Purrs, Sukie x
Oh dear, I hope Eric can find Scruffy Rat. As for your beans handling your toys so carelessly! TUT!
Mum got us a nip carrot today but it is still in the bag as yet, due to those kittens grrr!

Whicky Wuudler
Scruffy Rat is missing?? Oh No! I well remember Eric telling us of his love for Scruffy Rat - bit like my relationship with my Scratchy Mouse! Sending big purrs that Scruffy Rat and Eric can be reunited soon.
Catnip Carrot, I knew it! I sure hope Eric can find Scruffy Rat soon.
Losin a toy is not gud, not gud at all. We sure hope dat yer mom can help yoo find it! We has a carrot jus like yers too! Its omg yummy wif nip.
Oh I certainly hope you find your toy! That has to be so upsetting! I'm glad your mom offered to help you find it! That's the least she could do! Well make sure you hide it again and tell someone where you hid it! Hope this never happens again though. Gee, I wonder if mom would ever do that to me? *giggles*

Eric we hope you find the scruffy rat, we know how special it is to you!
Flynn, we are glad you were reunited with your carrot!
Sometimes hunting for the toys you hid and can't remember hiding is one of the best games. Huggy Bear does this all the time, hunting all night and bringing them to Mom and Dad, and he's so proud once he finds one. I hope Eric finds his rat soon because it is important to keep an eye on them.
That is a whole lot of toys you have. I hope you find your rat soon. I know how sad it can be to not be able to find your oldest and favorite toy.
-Patches and Nemo
We shurly hope that Eric finds his scruffy rat very soon. This is bad noos.

Luf, Us
Hahah that is so funny that your found your carrot in amongst all those toys!!
I hope that you guys find Erics scruffy rat :(

Oh noes who can have stolen scruffy rat? I hopes you find him soon.
(squints & cranes neck to look at otys) Are there any feather-butt mousies in those toys? They're my favorite!

Your friend
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