Friday, November 21, 2008



Can you believe it! We've run out of photos so we made mum look through the ones she took in the summer to see what we haven't used. The trouble is we don't go out so much now so we aren't doing anything except lie in front of the fire.
These were taken in July. I like to sit on these old blocks because they get nice and warm, so the grasshoppers come along and sunbathe on them. I have to be quiet and keep looking left and right so I don't miss them.

And if none come along, then I just lie here and enjoy the very occasional sunny days that we had.

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I just looked over your latest blog posts I missed. What a cute baby photo of you guys!

I didn't know you guys visited Canada recently? Did you like it? I really like Old Quebec, I think it is very pretty.
Has yoo chased em? Dey is fun when they come in and make noise too!
What a nice place to hang out! I bet you really miss it during the winter.

. . . And I thought I was the only one whose mom was going back to old photos.
Aww that big smile on your face in the last Pictures says it all :)
Momma has a zillion pictures of things of us to post for ages ago..
And you know laying in front of the fire is special too :))

Maybee your Momma could do like My momma is going to sometimes.. flashbacks.. like posts for ages old that some new people may not have seens.. That way your Momma has stuffs to post about, it is nice and quick for those days there is lots a visiting to be caught up on, your fuuriends don't miss out on the stuff for before they met you and well.. I dunno coz Momma thought it woz a neat idea as she would love to see more of our fuuriends before we met them but never find the time to look back in the archives :)

Just an idea to help your Momma maybee :)


Looks like a super chillout spot, with the added bonus of grasshoppers if you get bored!
Great spot. Do you pounce on the grasshoppers when they appear?
I think you look thinner at July,
why? Because the fur was shorter?
you look great~! I believe still great now!
Wonderful summer memories Flynn. Bloggin eats photographs!

Whicky Wuudler
That looks soooooo nice, guys!!
Aah, hot rocks.
Oow, hard rocks.
Ooh, warm kitty.
Mmm, soft kitty.
What a comfy spot you got there, Flynn...even if it is on rocks!
Know what Flynn, Momma is doing the same fing with us. She has...she said thousands of pictures she hasn't used and she is going back and pulling out some she hasn't put up a'fore. She has been pretty good lately bout not using dat flashy box on us.

Mum says, it's just the same for her! "Who wants to see you sleeping all the time?" is what she says.

It looks like a nice place to have a snooze on those big stones.

Purrs, Sukie x
What a lovely place to soak up the sun and bug hunt!!! Those are lovely pics. Perfect to bring out on cold, wintry days.
What great photos of you lying on the blocks waiting for grasshoppers! How cute Flynn!

Luf, Us
Your Mum ran out of photos :-0 Did you tell her that is not allowed?

PS: Those are nice photos of you, Flynn. You look so warm in the sunshine, and warm is good.
Mmmm, warm rocks...well, non of us would know about dat but we apreeshiate warm anything to lie on. What's wrong wif a nice piksher of yoo laying by da fire?
You look like an authentic wild and adventurous cat in these photos. Muahahahaha!

We conquer the World! Muahahaha!
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