Friday, November 28, 2008


The Friday Flashback

We have been running short of photos and Vampy Victor came up with a good idea. He said why not recycle some old posts. There are so many new blogging kitties now, so they won't have seen our older posts. We are going to pick our favourite post from every Month since we started blogging and call it The Friday Flashback.
Unfortunately you won't be able to biggify the photos to see more of our Gingerness because we are going to copy them straight from our blog because it's easier than trying to find them all again.
Our first flashback is from the month we started blogging which was July 2006. We didn't have many to pick from that month, but this is the one we chose.

Posted by Big Eric
Hooray!!!! It started raining this morning, and it's much cooler.We've got so fed up with being hot and exhausted all the time. The beans are happy too. They said the vegetables and flowers will be glad of it.We wanted to go out and roll in the wet grass, but mumbean said we would all get too wet. Anyway we kept on and on and in the end she gave in. She said no normal kitty would want to play in the rain, but what does she know!! We went out and raced around like a pair of nutcases. (Her description not ours) and when we came in, she said we looked more like beavers than kitties. I must remember to ask Flynn if he knows what beavers are.She took a picher of us to try and embarass us.
About two weeks ago our beans made hay out of grass in the fields, so the horses haf got sumfing to eat in the winter. Now it is all in the barn so it won't get wet. Me and Flynn haf been to check that they did it right. Here are sum pichers of us looking at it. Oh oh I'll have to do those pichers quick. Mumbeans getting the stinky goodness. Got to hurry or Flynn'll eat it all. He might be smaller than me, but he's got a big appy tite.
Purrs to all my new poodin' friends.

Can you believe we were actually excited because it rained? We have just had two of the wettest summers on record. We hope 2009 is like 2006 was.


Dearest Eric & Flynn,
What a great idea! We will look forward to Friday's to read your posts! We love to see the pictures of you guys outside...we never ever git to go to the outside. It's cool to see all of your adventures!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Haha! Two soggy brothers noshing up their dinner Great! Our Bro' Gerry loves getting wet in summer rain. We love your barn too, all those mice!

Friday Flashback gets the paws up from us!

Whicky Wuudler
That is such a great idea to recycle posts. We just started blogging four months ago, so recycled posts are all new to us. Those are wonderful pictures of you looking like beavers and playing in the barn.
What a great idea! Mom does go back and use older photos of me when she hasn't had time to use the flashy box.
Wow! Look at how wet you got!
That is such a great idea!!! It is wonderful to see the pictures again - because even if we would have seen them - we would have forgotten about it by now!!! we are "cheese brain cats" - meaning we have BIG holes in our memory.... hahahahahahha
Mrs. OZ, Tintin, Naughty, Luna, Ruis and Karl
Oah Wowwww~~~~~
You guys are so so great~!
This is a wonderful idea!
That is such a great idea!!!

You guys look pretty wet! A good meal then a good groom!!!

Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee
Look how wet you 2 are!

Hey, we like Friday Flashback!
Eric and Flynn
We love your idea...well we love Victor idea and love that you are going to walk down memory lane. This is really a superb way to recycle! We have been going back and publishing some pictures that for one reason or another Mom forgot about ...

That was a wonderful idea! We have lots going on at our houses, so Mama has been taking lots of pitures.
You know, you could start a trend here. What a good idea, posting older posts again! Lots are worthy of a second posting too!

I love the rain too :O)

Purrs, Sukie x
Wow, you guys got really wet! The flashbacks is a really fun idea.
Cool idea 'cause we just started earlier this year!!!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
That was a really great post because it has been really hot here in California -- and it just rained for the first time in weeks and weeks! BTW, please remind your beans that my book, The World is Your Litter Box, makes a great holiday gift! It is only 9.95 green papers, and is available at Barnes & Noble and
Friday Flashback is a great idea! And I loved your first flashback post, because I LOVE getting all wet! I even try to get in the bath with my mom.

ICK dat is way too much rain! We do not like to get wet. I hopes yoo gots lots of treats fer bein stuck in da rain?
We begged to outside today, but Mom wouldn't let us because it was raining. We do not mid a little bit a wet paws once in a while!

PS. You can go into your old post in html view and copy and paste the html code into a new post, also in htlm view. Then just switch back to compose view in the new post to finish editing it any way you'd like!
Well, you appear a wee bit wet in the food eating picture. Guess that would be similar to this year again...

Luf, Us
OH you guys this is so very great!!!
I am so excited about seeing old posts that we always wanted to get through to go back and see but never got to :))
Hahah we love your wet coats and your "porcupine" look... hehe I bet it would scare off any naughty critters hehe

Momma says it is so funny how the world goes through cycles..

PES: I hope it did not wear out your lickity sticks getting dry hehe

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