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Fierce Fighter Day.

The Whiskers and Purrs Gang are sponsoring Fierce Fighter Day today.
Mum said we could show photos of some of the cats who came before who brought happiness into her and dad's lives.
This lovely boy lived with mum before she was married. He only had one eye but mum doesn't know how he lost it. It is thought that he may have been kicked by a cow. Of course there was only one name for him - Patch.

This is the first poodin, Spot, who lived with mum and dad right after they got married. He really belonged to dad's parents, but he decided he wanted to be an only cat so he moved in with our Beans. He was an old boy then and they only had him for a year before he went to the Bridge with kidney failure.

This is Marmi, he was the first kitty the Beans had from a kitten, and they had him soon after Spot went to the Bridge.

Some of you may recognise this little ladycat. This is our beloved Kitty Yumbum. If you haven't seen her before, you can read about her here.

This is Tiddler. He loved ladders. When dad's dad died, he started coming indoors to visit our dad. He was a man's cat and didn't want to stay with dad's mum, so he moved in with our Beans.

This is Smokin'Joe. After Marmi went to the Bridge, the Beans were too upset to have another poodin. One day mum said to dad,'It's just not right without a poodin.' One of dad's mum's cats had just had kittens so they decided to have one of them, so Smokin' Joe who was also known as Jelly Bean became their next kitty.

When dad's mum died, our Beans took on all her kitties. The following are photos of some of them. Above L to R Mother Puss, Auntie Cat, Tozies and Desmond.
Auntie Puss. She was prone to getting ulcers on her eyes and was always at the V E T getting treatment for them. One day one burst and the V E T did a graft on her eyeball using her third eyelid. It saved her eye and she could still see well enough to hunt.

Mother Puss. As her name suggests, she had many kittens. She was Kitty Yumbum's mother. As soon as she had finished nursing her kittens, mum took her in for her Ladygardenectomy.

This is Mr. Pig. He was dad's mum's favourite kitty. She called him Mr. Pig cuz he never stopped eating.

This is Desmond, he was Kitty Yumbum's favourite nap partner. He was a big boy and then he got sick. He was being treated by the V E T and then he suddenly started passing congealed blood in his poop. He died within a week of being ill. The Beans were very sad.
We hope you have enjoyed meeting some of the kitties who came before. The photos aren't good quality because they have been copied from old ones.

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WOW! That's a lot of kitties that came before you! They were all so adorable. We especially like Mr. Pig.

Have a great weekend!
Wow! our people have opened their hearts to so many kitties over the years! What good people!
Thanks for introducing us to your Cats-Who-Came-Before. Your family has sure had a wonderful assortment of beautiful furbabies in their lives.
Gosh, what a wonderful "bunch of kitty cats"... and how lucky they all were to have found you!
Wooo, look at all those pretty kitties. Your leggededs were soo lucky to have all that kittie company. Smokin' Joe looks a lot like my bro' Otis.

Wiry wags, Eric x

V..Vish...vishus deer eat cats? And Dogs?? Even Rudolph? Yikseeees, thanks for the warning, I'll be very careful. x
Sweet memories for your mum. Wonderful kitties to remember and they are all preparing a place for us. that is a comfort.
Such lovely kitties all of them <3
Thanks for sharing all those pictures of the ones who came before you. We know each one was special...
wow, your mom and dad are gonna haf a whole army with them when they cross the bridge and join them. How wonderful is that!!!
What a gallery of stellar catzez dis iz. I waz plum amazed.. & da momee here loved der namezez. E&F, you needz to be furry good cats, 'cuz dat iz da hall of fame you gots to live up to. We'ze got's a hall of fame dat we gotta livez up to, too.
Dearest Eric and Flynn,
Wow...your family has loved lotsa little ones That is so wonnerful! Thanks for sharin' all of their stories. You sure do have a wonnerful mom and very willing to share their home with such lovely little ones!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Oh my goodness yur fambly had so much lovin' kitties to share their love with! Dey haf lots of kittie angels surrounding dem. When yoo go to da bridge yoo will haf so many kitties to meet yoo it will be like a big huge parade?
Oh I think you have even more than we have helped! I think it is wonderful you have so many kitty angels!
Oh I as so happy to meet all your wonderful siblings that came before you.. so many looking out over you all, you will always be safe.. It is wonderful to remember them :)))

Thanks for sharing the Cats that came before Eric & Flynn!! Your Mom and dad had lots of poodin's! That was wonderful!
Your FL furiends,
Wow! Your mom and dad sure have had a lot of kitties before you. My mom has only had two kitties in her life.
Oh my goodness, there were lots of kitty's in your family! I only remember one before me and of course, now Willow!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat
What a great tribute post to some very adorable, character cats. Your beans are very good people to have give loving homes to so many cats over the years. What a lovely big box of memories this is.

Whicky Wuudler

PS. We enjoyed reading about Kitty Yumbum too!
You sure had a lot of wonderful kitties who came before!
Mommy says that she LOVED your poem/song about me!
Thank you very much!
What great photos! A great way to remember.
What a great furfamily. They must be so proud of you two and your beans for sharing the love with all of us.

I am sure they are all watching you and smiling, grandad and grandma too must be chuckling to themselves.
What great photos and it is always nice to remember those that are no longer with us. They are all happy together over the bridge forever free of illness or any pain.
It is nice that your folks took in the kitties when they needed a home after their humans went to their bridge.
You boys follow a fine line of kitties! We are Mom's first kitties. She has always had woofies before us. She misses having woofies and tried to bring 2 home a few years ago, but we made her take them back after one week of completely not noticing Mom was even there. I am the train engine and Gandalf is the caboose and we don't want any kitties or woofies in the middle, thank you! -Grayson
yer beans have harts of gold, my appul cobblur!
Your Mum and Dad must love poodins a lot :-D When I saw the picture of Spot, I thought it was Eric. They look so similar in the face.
They all were pretty cats and they are beautiful memories.

Purrrrs and kisses.

Anita and Carmen (her bean)
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