Sunday, November 30, 2008


Easy on Sunday

There is one thing better than reading the newspapers with your dad...................
Sitting in the sunspot and having him read to you.

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So your dad has been promoted to the status of 'Reader'. Very impressive! Enjoy the sun!!!!
eric that looks like such fun!

smiles, auntie bee
So sweet! Life is good on the other side of the pond...
A comfy bean and a sunbeam! You've hit the jackpot!
Dearest Eric,
You've got your Dad trained very very VERY well!!! Enjoy your Sunday!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
I need you to come train the Awesome Man.


Thanks for thinking of Snap. Things are iffy with her today and the vet had to come back out and tube her. This evening she seemed more normal but we're certainly still nervous. It helps knowing we have other horse people who understand.
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A to have a dad I liked that much! I envy you Eric. I can't believe I thought you were fat Eric for a moment... sigh. I must be tired. Maybe it's the warm fireplace and soothing reading?
Aww I am glad the boys got some sunbeams today!! Sorry about the rugby, it must of hurt!

Eric you are almost luminous in that sunshine. Have a lovely Sunday!

Whicky Wuudler
Dearest Eric and Flynn,
We leaved you a little thing for you on our bloggy. Be sure to check it out, 'kay?

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
We wish Blu Cat Man would do this so we could enjoy the sun--we do get to lay on his chest as well as Mom bean--and in the sun, too.
Sun! That makes it all purrfect!
Oh that looks so warm and cozy! See! Ra is shining down on your and your Dadda, coz Dadda loving is just THE best!
We can see your daddas protective arm around you :)))

Oh that IS the best spot! Enjoy your SUNday!
And it looks like your Dad saved the best sunshines for you!
I am glad to see you got the most sunshiny spot!
You look sooooo warm and comfy, and your dad looks muy cushiony to sit on..happy snoozin'!
I make it a point to come visit your place on Sunday as I know I can always count on some peace and quiet. Which after this holiday weekend is a good thing.
Your dad is doing a fine job of reading the newspaper to you!

Luf, Us
You've got it made, Eric!
Are ya holdin' yur dad down?
Wow! You had a great Sunday :-)
I hve to help my Daddy read the paper too. He has trouble with lotsa the werds so I meow them to him. He still doesn't understand!!

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