Sunday, November 16, 2008


Easy on Sunday

When dad has finished his breakfast, we like to sit down together and read the newspapers.

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You are stating your new day and we are finishing up our old day here. We have been working most of the weekend at the studios since Opus was dumped by his humans he headed over to my place to spend the weekend. He has the MFV lag as he is on your time schedule. We are wondering what you two are reading in the newspaper????
That's a good routine, buddy. It is good to stay on top of the news.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
So that's how yoo mayntayne yer supur smartness, my canolli sprinkled with shugur powdur.
I am very glad to see that all is right and proper here on Sunday morning (unlike at our kitten invaded house pfft!) Routines are very important for we cats. I see you have trained your Dad well, both the sofa throw and his jumper match your furs beautifully.

Awww you guys are so cute always snuggling with your dad.
It's always good to know what going on!
It is very good to share the person you loves intrests.. even if they seem silly to you.. they know how you feel but they feel your love through sitting with them and trying to be interested.
I can feel your daddas and your love from here :)) It is a wonderful thing! :)

Yep, you're a cat in the know, Eric!
What a wonnerful way to start the day! We're gonna have to try that, too...'course, there are so many of us (11 total Gang members!), mommy would have to sit there all mornin' to give each of us equal time! Uh...what would be wrong with that???

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Yeah, Its great when yer favorite bean makes a lap for ya ta sit in.
Just bliss!
You have much more self-control than I do. I can't resist the crinkling of paper and must attack it, so I'm not allowed to read the newspaper until Mommy is done.
why izzen't yer dad warin a noo york yankeez cap?
jus wunderin.
Nice and relaxing. You can have a snooze on his lap while he reads :O)

Purrs, Sukie x
Thank you for coming to mine party! It was gweat fun!
Staying on top of news and current events is very important!
Now that's what I call a perfect Sunday. FAZ
What a lovely way to spend the day. I wish I had a male I liked...
I do too! Dad calls me a pest. What is a pest? I thought that was a bug.

Ahh, that's the life. :)

Thanks for your purrs for me,
Aren't dadeez da bestee ting in da whole wide world??? I sure likes mine too. I yam kinda a dadeez boy... but hey, don't tell any cat!
You & Dad look so comfy together. A nice way to spend a Sunday!
The only thing missin', Eric, is a fireplace and a few snacks..oh, and some friends with which to share a nap pile!
Dad reads the paper online, but we love when mom tries to read a magazine or a book. It's so much fun to lay ON the reading material.
Very good! That's what the maid and Mrs. OZ do too!
How cute is that! SQUEE!
Eric, what are you reading about? It must be interesting.
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