Sunday, November 09, 2008


Easy on Sunday

This is Sunday right? We are supposed to take it easy on Sunday, right?
Well in that case why have you stuck this cap on my head again? Don't you understand the word no? Let's get this straight mum, this is definitely, yes definitely the last time you make me wear a cap. Right, now have you got that? Now let's all get back to a nice easy Sunday.

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They don't gove up easily, do they?
I hate to tell you this Eric, but you do look adorable in that hat! I hope you have a pawsome Sunday!

Red Sox are our favorite, so we loved it, Eric! hahaha!
You don't look particularly happy in that hat. I can't say I blame you.
It's time to put your paw firmly down on this matter Eric, or it will be dresses next.

Whicky Wuudler
I can't see your eyes~!
Oh Eric the things we do for our parents huh?
I must say you look you is being very good about it, though I can see how much you hate it.. I am not so easy going when Momma and Dadda do it to me hehe

Tell your Daddy that he is not Dr. Suess and you are not the Cat In The Hat!
When will they learn that they can't keep doing things like this to us???
i don't get it.
if it'z da last cap yer ever gointa ware ...
why wuzzen't it da jeter #2 cap??
jus wunderin.
Oh my! The hat again! I think it might be a little bit big for you. He he!

Purrs, Sukie x
Geesh, Eric, why can't your daddy "let it go"! Maybe you should start putting the bitey on the hat...and dad! hahaha!
oh, but yoo luk so MANcat handsu....I mean, ruuude, vary ruuude beans. Can't yoo see my caramel appul with nuts is relaxing!?!
Oh Eric,you do look cool with that hat on!!!!! I hope your Mom & Dad had a great time!! WE did not remember about it till after they left :o
Let's hope they got you more than hats ;) heehee
Purrs Mickey
A cap on your noggin'??? Oh.. uh.. you doez look purrty cute, evfun if it's annoyin.' Sometimez da outcome of da pic iz worth da indig-kneetee.
Eric, I do NOT know why they think they have to put stuff on us so they can laugh...I think it shows some weakness of character, don't you?

Anyway, try to have a relaxin' Sunday, my friends.
Eric, that is cat abuse.
I don't blame you. I don't do hats either!
Eric, we agree, that cap has to go! Not cause it's a bad cap, but it's just way too awkward for your handsome head! And your Mum and Dad's vacation pictures were absolutely beautiful ... thank your Mum for sharing them!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
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