Sunday, November 23, 2008


Easy like Sunday

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Awww...what could be better than nappin' with your dad? Enjoy your Sunday!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Either your Dadda is a dwarf or you is one huge ass dude Eric!!
I am guessing the latter!
haha Momma just wants to give you the biggest snuggles, it would like be giving a babeh a snuggle you is just about the size of one :))

PES: I iz not teasin you in a bad way. I know we grows to our environments and you has a wonderful huge environment in which to grow:) I has a little size envy :)

Oh Eric you look so comfy. You are making the Woman wish you were sitting on her like that...
Eric, you found the comfiest napping spot of all. That looks like the perfect way to spend a Sunday.
Oh, Eric --
You have found a really comfy, warm spot. And you are making him warm and happy! Wonderful.

Abby & Stygia
You guys sure know how to hang out on a Sunday. I like those days like that.
aaaahhh, you two look so cuddly together!
oh my Ginger snap cookie, yer so handsum (and almost as big as yer dad)!!
Oh looky at all that manlove going on today. You boyz have a great Sunday I hopes you get some time for relaxing.
MMMmmmmmmm, snuggles with Daddy! What a great way to spend a Sunday!
Oh, that's a great way to spend a Sunday! Enjoy!!
A mancat and his man is a wonderful sight to see on a Sunday. I have to keep my man still with my paws also. He is allowed to breathe though

Whicky Wuudler
Hey Eric!
Whose you Daddy?
Hehehehehehe, I just cracks me up!!
Making awesome look easy, dude.
Eric, you win for the best place to be on Easy Like Sunday! No offense, dude, but can your Daddy breathe? hehehe!
That's the right way to spend your Sunday :-) I think I should go take a nap myself.
Eric is the cat which big love.
I seem to be very tender.
English comes again well.
I never realize what a big fella you are, Eric, until you're relaxin' with your dad...I'll bet you sap alllll his warmth, don't you? Happy snoozin', guys!
To be loved is the greatest gift...there are many more woman cat lovers than men that up Eric, it's food for the soul!!!=^Y^=the cat street boyz
I am glad you are having some male-bonding time with your dad!
Nothing like a bean to be kept us warm... Muahahaha!

Nice Sunday!

Ahh, what a life! :)
Were you guys napping or having a serious talk?
Oh! My zip code is ****4. :)
It is good to spend quality time with dad. Dads are warm and very understanding... unlike moms, that are always enforcing rools.

Happy day, boys
Life is good!
Eric, all we can say is awwwwwwww!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Cute picture Eric! I was cold this morning (there was snow outside!) so I snuggled right down under the duvet with my dad. Are you getting battered by storms? My Cornish Auntie says she has thunder, lightning, hail, gale force winds at this moment, doesn't sound good down there!
Oooh, what a lovely cuddly boy you are, Eric! That's a good way to spend Sunday (or any day).
Dr TWeety: Um Eric??? Haz you grown any dis last summer? Or mebbe I justee nevfur saw you dis close up? I tinks you & my sister Delilah iz abouts da same size.

Delilah: Oh Eric... I hope you don't think my Uncle Dr TWeety was being mean. He is a lightweight.. and just looks big because of all his furs. I think you and I are just fine, thank you very much!

Dr Tweety: I yam not impyin' dats you guyz iz BIG. I justee wz sayin' dats mebbe Eric haz grown dis summer. & besidez, da daddee here hadz an orange cat dat weighed likes 22 poundz. So let's not gets our hind endz in a twaddle Delilah.

Delilah: (!) Eric, let's go have a snack. OK?
Yoo is a big dude, Eric, furry mancatly and stuff. None of us lay on dad like dat cuz his tummy is to big. Mom keeps asking when he's haffing dat baby!
Aren't you 2 cute as buttons on a rug. Kyoot!

Luf, Us
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