Thursday, December 04, 2008


Christmas cards

If you would like a Christmas card please email your snail mail address to us at
eric and flynn 1 AT gmail DOT com
Please let us know by December 4th so we can make sure it gets to you in time.
If you had a card from us last year, there is no need to do anything as we have just sent them out for this year.
The card you receive may not be the same as the one above, but it will definitely have us on it.
Please scroll down for latest posts.
Important announcement!
Mum sent out the second lot of cards on Saturday 29/11, and the man in the Post Office told her to leave them with him and he would stamp them for her as there were a lot. (He often does that.) There were 3 for the UK and all the rest were for USA and Canada. Well, we heard from Fat Eric that his card arrived and it had a US value stamp on it. That means there may be a card gone to the USA with a UK value stamp on it. If any one does get an under paid card we are very sorry. Let us know and we'll send something to make up for it. We're hoping he maybe forgot some were in the UK and put higher price stamps on all of them.


Gee whiz, guys, I sure hope I'm on your list..I guess I could go check my emails to see if I have one from you that I replied to!
Can't wait to get your card! We have yours already to go tomorrow!

Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee
Yall are so handsum in your pikture there.
Alla Us
Oh what a gorgeous card!
We have ours all ready to go! We are very excited!
I have sent you an email. This is very exciting!

Purrs, Sukie x
That is such a beautiful card of you guys!! eeerrrr Manly card! ;)
We do not do the Christmas cards here, Momma feels guilty about the trees, but she is a nutbag, she says she can't help it.
But we sure think it is a beautiful card :))

Mommy is going to email right away!!!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
Boy, I don't want to add to your expense, but how could I not want such a card?
Got your card today! It is too cute!!!! Of course that is because you two cuties are on it. Thanks!
Have you two considered becoming models?
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Excellent photo! Never too early to start thinking about Christmas.
Do ya celebrate Thanksgiving over there in jolly ol' England? Even iffen ya don't, Happy, Happy!
A Christmas card from you two would be so exciting to get! I will email you my address! I love your Christmas card too! Happy Thanksgiving to you both! If you don't, I'm sending wishes and thanks for being my friend!

Dearest Eric & Flynn,
We got your Christmas Card yesterday!!! OH! We are so excited! Thanks so much! It's the first one we have received and it's sittin' on the mantle right now. Our cards will be goin' out next week and yours will be the first one we send!!!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
I yam not sure we canz send cardz dis year you guyz... but if we doez... you two would be on our listee. We lovez you!
-Dr Tweety
PS: Wants some tur-key??? We'ze gots plenty to spare!
Hi Eric an' Flynn!

There's still some turkey left at our house if you'd like to cross "the pond" for some!

Happy Fangs-giving! Gobble, gobble, gobble ... 'urp!
DMM and the Feline Americans
Mom has emailed you. I look forward to exchanging cards.
deer e + f ...
thank u fer yer concern regardin mi bein missin fer a while last week.
i'm home ... but still owtside ... and i still growl at dat kitten joba.
da end.
Eric and Flynn! I'm going to send YOU a Christmas card...want to mail me? Thats a purrrrfect picher of you two.Wiry wags, Eric xxx
We're preparing our cards today. I have been doing a very good job of snoopervising. It is very hard work.
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Thank you so much for the Christmas card! It is our very first one for the year. Our secretary Mom had better get on the stick and start helping us with ours, but she is a terrible procrastinator.

Thank you again. We love the photo.

Hi Boys! You two are soooo cute. I'm going to request a Christmas card and I want to send you one too.

I'll email you.

lol - that is quite the pose!
Hey, we gots our Kris Moose card, and wroted about it on our blog! Come and see!

FANKS SO MUCH! Merry Kris Moose!
Mum hasn't even STARTED on her Christmouse cards.
Fanx very much indeed for the card chaps ! (The stamp was fine.) It has pride of place on the mantlepeice ! (purrfect for whapping...)My mummy is impressed with your beans' early sending of cards (she usually leaves it right to the last minute...)
Much love from Mr Woo (who went to the V-E-T yesterday & the nurse AND the vet said he was a very good cat !!)
Thank you for your addy - I'll get Mom to reply. Poor Postman Pat getting in a muddle- bet his black and white cat got thirtsy licking all those stamps.

Wiry wags, Eric x
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