Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Wordless Wednesday

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Dearest Flynn,
You look very cozy and comfy...mommy said she'd like to snuggle with you!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Flynn you look so sweet and snuggly, I would love you climb in. I love warmie soft places

Too cute! What a little sweetie!! Looks like a nice comfy place.
Love that big, cute, pink nose, Flynn!
Flynn yoo look so cozy there. We don't like to go under covers but it does look furry warm!
Ohh Flynn you lookz so different. Witz your face all squished up like that you looks berry cute and usually you iz very handsome!

PES: Thankyouz for this post as it helped the Momma decide iz timez for naps too!! hehe

Are you feeling cold?
Keep in warm, ok!?
I have days like that too...
What a precious picture of Flynn. You're adorable!
My bed, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!
You look very cozy under the covers, Flynn! :) Burrowing is the best!
Very cute.

Looks like you are hiding from Eric, Flynn. Or is he in there with you?

Purrs Goldie
Peek a Boo, I see you Flynn!
Hee hee. That is a cute picture. Today it is furry windy here, is it windy in Devon? My mum's school is closed for the day for Eid-ul-Fitr, so we had a lovely snuggly lie-in together with the duvet this morning after sending dad off to work.
Hi, Flynn! We wish it would get cold enough here to make us want to get under the covers!
Hello gorgeous! :)
How cute! Bet this is the perfect place for cold and rainy days :-)
Good thing you cleaned your toesies first Flynn!
Are you hiding under the covers, Flynn? We like to do that too!

That is priceless!

Flynn, you are so handsome that mommy wants to kiss you on the nose!
Are yoo hiding from somfing, Flynn??
I see you, Flynn :-) Are you trying to hide?
Peek-a-boo cutie pie! I love seeing your little nosey and paw poking out from under the covers.
Flynn, are you playing a funny game of hide and seek?
You are sooooo cute peeking out there with your little paw at the side! SS is going all gooey!
Oh Flynn, that is such a cute picture! Isn't burrowing under the covers the best thing ever!
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