Thursday, October 09, 2008


Not Happy.

Nope, we are not happy at all. We are turning our backs on our Beans because they are deserting us again. They are leaving us today and not coming back until November. Our holiday auntie will be looking after us again and one of mum's furrends will come and visit us every day to play with us. We hope everyone will come for the house trashing of the decade. We will try and turn the computer on if we can and see what's going on, but we don't know if we will be able to comment without any help, but we will try. Don't forget us will you.


Oh NO!!! We is heart broked. We look forward to visitin' with you every single will we git along with you? Now we are just flat-out sad.

We will be thinkin' of you every day, Eric and Flynn.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
OMC's dats not makin us happy either, we shall miss your gingery faces.... Count us in fer a house thrashin party tho!
Oh, I am so sad to hear this. Do you like it when your Holiday Auntie takes care of you? I will be thinking of you and I'll stay in touch! You guys will be okay! you're in my purrs!!!

Hugs N. Purrs,
You won't be forgotten but I will be over to help trash the place!
No I certainly won't forget!!!!!
Eric and Flynn, see you on November~!!
In a meantime, I am missing you already!
OH NO! We'll be there for sure! Make sure the barn is freshly stocked with mousies. Mousie hunting time!
Oh guyz! that is terribubble!
You must get in lots and lots of headbutts, licks and purrs so they knows what they is going to miss when they are gone!! :)

I am sure the time will go fast.
Please let them know though that we wish them well on their holidays and to travel safely! :)

oh no! This is not gud. Im brushing off my jetpak and coming ovur rite now to visit yoo my bananar nutella krape. I'll bring eggstra fuds and mowsies with nip in thare bellies!!
We hope your mom and dad have a great holiday. We can't wait to begin the house trashing.
I know exactly how youse guys feel! I'm overhearin' some talk about a trip up north-and they're gonna stay FOR-EV-ER! But I won't forget you-how could I?
That is far far too long. Wanna come visit?
Eric and Flynn
I'm so sowwy ..I'll miss you have the pwettiest backs BTW..hope youw Pawents come back safely and soon
smoochie kisses
Until November? Gosh, that's like a gazillion days away! But we will neva furget you guys, don't ever tink that! Now when can we start the house-thrashing? whahaha
Boo ! Bad beans ! My mummy & I will miss you :(
They better bring you back some pretty good purresents !
Love from Mr Woo xx
November? That's about eleventy billion night naps! We will miss you!
This is outrageous! November is at least 9000 years away. Still I'll be happy to come over and do some house trashing and I'd love to have a wuudle about in your barn. I hope your Dad leaves the keys for the tractor behind!
Oh Noes!
I will come and help you trash the place up!
Dennis loves the white bit on your back! Dennis thinks that is so cool! Dennis feels bad too your humans got to go away. that's life , though, they have to do stuff.
Dats lyk a squillion days! I hopes yur holiday Auntie lets yoo owtsyd fur huntin an walkies an stuffs. I will be ova ta trash da howsie, just lets me noe wen ta be der.
Oh no, these are really bad news! Beans can be mean!

Maybe it gets you happy that we have an award waiting for you...? ;-)
Wow! That's a long time they are gonna be gone! You should be mad!

We are so there for the trashin' party! Just let us know when!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
"Oh My" how can they leave you two cuties.Don't worry I could never forget you...Hugs Ariel
November!?! Yikes! Oh, yoo should definately REALLY trash the house for that. And, they better bring you prezzies. LOTS of prezzies.
There's no way we could forget you. And we're glad you will have daily visitors. November will be here before you know it...
Oh no, buddies! That is very disappointing. Maybe I'll teleport over a few times to help you around the house.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
We hope your beans have a lovely vacation, but we will be delighted to help trash the house in their absence!
Looking forward to playing in the hay barn,too!
Toby and Cupcake
We could never forget about you guys! Hang in there and we'll all be here when you can get back to normal blogging.
-Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar

Til november?
No way!
No how....say it ain't so ....
We will come back and check on you and nefur nefur NEFUR forgit yoo...

no way
no how...

Bye bye, beans. I hope they have a great holiday.

I'm sorry, Eric and Flynn, that you're left home again. But I won't forget you. I'll send Sunny over to play ;-)

beans and their twisted priorities. why!!!

i say turn your back so hard that they see your front.


WHAT??? Till November! Are they CRAZY???!?!
They will owe you big time when they get back.
NOVEMBER? That's outrageous! November is a whole calendar page away!
Oh noes! I will count the days until you are back!
Oh that's a very long time! I will wait for you to return.

Purrs. Sukie x
Oh nooooooes!!! I will miss you two terribly. Will teleport and help with the house trashing any time you want. Will think of you and hope that your parents have a safe and enjoyable trip.
Oh can we relate!!! House trashing sounds great IF we even get the time to do that!!! Today they forgot my Gotcha Day. I need new help....
Karl dare they!....who do they think they are....Posh and Becks?!......
That is a long time my friends! We will come keep you company! I hope your beans have a good time though!

Purrs Goldie and Shade
We could never forget you, Eric & Flynn! Count me in for the house trashing!
hi again, we see you are following our blog! yay! we wanted to say thank you .

Oh noes my friends. I am going to miss you big time. I will never forget yoos.

Hurry back.
Nooooooooooooo! Not for a month! You just say the word and we'll all be there to help thoroughly thrash - uh, trash the house.
Oh nut cakes!!!! Justee when I gots to come by & say Hi... you haz no beanz to helps you blog. But nevfur fear... I WILL NEVFUR desert you. Only offer you dessert: Want some tuna wit dat pie????
PS: We haz an announce-mint at our bloggie, come see!(In Novembrrr, of coursee.)
Love, Dr Tweety
...but we were coming over for hay? Can we still come over for hay?
Til November?! That just isn't right! We'll be over for a house trashing as soon as you're ready for us - we'll get started sharpening our claws!!
Awwwh... Why do beans always do this?!!!

Its me, Phinney dat boycat. I jest thotted I wood visit wif yuze, but yuze is not dere. How dis-a-pointen is dat. I am pos-it-vley comin back agin in November. What is November anyway? I gess i gotz to ask Ed about that.
Did you see the pictures of our house trashed? You helped us do that. We're coming over to return the favour! Your humans will need another week of vacation just to clean up! Maybe two!

Mean humans.

I hope you're doin' okay in the purrizin, buddies. When your Beans come back to turn on the computer for you, stop by my bloggie: I have an award for you!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
How can they leave such great boys! They had better give you lots of extra loving and treats (and presents!) when they return.

We'd be honored to join you for the house trashing party! See you soon!

We won't furget yoo!!! We'll come help wif the house trashin too. They deserves it!
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties
Your peace globe from June 2008 has been placed in The Peace Globe Gallery.
You are officially peace globe #952.
BlogBlast For Peace ~ November 6, 2008 is going to be awesome! Please feel free to grab a badge and spread the word. Hope to see you there.
That explains why I haven't seen you for awhile. I am so sorry that you are dumped again! Try to make the best of it. Your photos are perfect, on the 20th of October we are to post our backside to help with the celebration of Derby's birthday. I will let Derby know that you have these photos even though your folks are gone.
Miss you, enjoy the warm sunshine because those days will soon be gone forever.
Dropping in to say hi and hope all is well with you two...Hugs Ariel
That cat is so pretty, is that the same cat, I can't tell. Now a poodle will trash your house, I have a friend that has one to prove it.
Good job sneaking out to join the party. You must be good to know in advance that we were having tocktober!
YIKES, we were gone tooooooo long and come back and no Eric, no Flynn!!! Well maybe you can sneak over here for some well deserved nip and huggs from our Mommy bean! We all want to thank you so much for your purrs & prayers for our Grammom. She is home now and we are so happy! Tang and Tinker love it when they get rides on her lap when she is in her wheelchair, but Grammom is also using a walker a bit each day!
Happy Anniversary to your beans :-)
I could never forget you and don't worry I will be over for the big house trashing party! I can hardly wait.
Yeah what's up wif those beans? How could day leave you again for such a long time? Owr beans keep finking bout going away an leaving us for vaykayshuns but we end up making dem get da collij girl to stay wif us or dey find some sorry substitute an sometimes dey don't efun stay alla time. We'll be rite ofur to help yoo trash da place to let yur mum an dad now how displeased yoo are wif their absence. Hrmph.
Stopping by to check on you two. I know you have been dumped but I wanted you to know that I still am thinking of you. Miss seeing you.
That's not nice! We'll miss you.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Oh my goodness, we have missed you two so much! Mom was on vacation from Oct. 3-12 and we are still catching up!!! Is there still house left to trash!! We are ready to help you!! We bet your Mom and Dad are missing you bunches!!!
Your FL furiends,
Please stop by our blog and pick up your award!=^Y^=The Cat Street Boyz
Oh no, where are your beans going??? We won't forget yous!!! Hurry back!
We're juss droppin by to say "allo" and hope yoo is doin well...we miss yoo....

just dropping by to bring you some special goodies to brighten your day! Hope the time is going fast and you're doing okay! We miss you!

We miss you very much!
We hope your beans are having a great vacation and come home safe and sound!
We are back. See you when you beans come home!
Haven't forgotten you two! NO WAY! Bringing you some treats. . . here they are. . . hope you like them. When your folks get home I bet they need to watch out because I know you two will have plenty of tricks for them because they left you for so long. Serves them right too!
Anyway have the best that you can Happy Halloween, celebrate when they get back.
missing yoo my canolii hubby!
Dudes! ::looks both ways:: Wow, still not back yet? Well, what ya still haf dat needs a trashing?
You guys have been away for ages. FAZ
Just stopping by to leave some hairballs, scratch up some sofas and knock over some priceless ceramics and glasses!
It's November. Are they back yet?

Eric!! Flynn!!!! Furget dis long hay-itis.. you can telly-ports oevfur here fur my bloggoversarry partee!!! I haz lots o' mouth waterin' foodzez dat I cooked, & you guyz cat make cat bagzez & takes some back to da farm.
We love you boyz!!!
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