Saturday, October 04, 2008


My Tree

I haven't climbed our favourite tree lately so I thought I would do it today. I went up high, and then when I came down, one of the small branches snapped. You could say I was almost out of my tree.
The next day it was very windy and a big branch broke off another tree and landed on our roof. Luckily it didn't do any damage even though it landed on the chimney.

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Oh Flynn, you were making both my Mum and I very nervous when you were way high up in that tree. Be careful!
You have the most exciting adventures. I'm so glad you didn't fall.
Dearest Flynn,
Mommy and all of us was very skeert when we saw your video...please promise to be very extra careful, 'kay? We love you and Eric very much.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Now that's a cat tree!!! You are very good at navigating in them! We are jealous.
Wow, how high you are in that tree!!
Oh, do be careful, Flynn!!! I climb trees too but nothing like that has happened to me, yet.
That's really high up, Flynn! But u can really navigate urself up there, just be careful where u put ur paws ok?
Have a great weekend to you and Eric!
woohoooo Flynn did you make your Momma nervous?! My Momma was nervous for you.. it was funny!
You has great climbing skillz :)

We are glad that your house was ok with the tree falling! :)
That would have been scary.

Be careful, my friend. I know the lure of a good tree. The PM always worries about me though when I am up too high. Glad your house didn't get hurt when that tree branch fell. Scary.

Purrs Goldie
Flynn you are an arboreal master!
Um, you could have given us nightmares, if we knew what they were.
Oh how I want to climb some trees! If only Mom would let me out!
Purrs Mickey
You are a daredevil Flynn! I'm glad you did not fall!
You are a great tree climber, Flynn. I'm impressed!
My trees are dinky!
Wow, Flynn! You're waaayyy up there! We are so jealous! We wanna climb a tree!
Whew, we heardid yoo mew and thought yoo were in trouble. We's glad yoo didn't fall!
Oh my! How fun. I must make beanmom take me out right now to climb a tree.

Dear Flynn,
We can't believe you are so brave! Our Mom got excited to see how your tail moves when the branch snaps. She thinks you did a great job of using it to catch your balance!

Abby & Stygia
Flynn, I have always wanted to climb a tree, but now I can see it is much harder than I thought!
That is a very grand tree you have! I wish I had a tree like that to climb.
Flynney you look just like king of the jungle and so happy with your tail whippn. I got nervous for you when that branch snapped but you are so brave and walked it off.

what a great video!

Yoor a very good climber Flynn, does Eric climb too? We don't get to go outside so we don't know anything about climbing trees. Sure am glad dat branch din't hurt yoor house!
Oh, that looks like so much fun - nothing like climbing my indoor cat tree! You're lucky!
You looked magnificent up there!
Cool! I haven't ever been in a tree. That looks like fun. Be careful!
Oh I so jellis! The tree we haff is no good for klimeing at all. I bet yoo enjoy that tree verry much!
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