Friday, October 03, 2008



Mum: That's it Eric, don't let it ever be said that you let a good molehill go to waste.
Eric: Really mum! You're embarrassing me. Don't you realise some things are private?

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Oh what a gorgeous video! :)

Hey, thank you so much for noticing the colors in the second pictue. They took a long time and were very carefully done with the colors of the word art, to reflect Giancarlo's shirt. :)
ahahahahaha That was so funny, though I iz glad it iz you in the movie and not me!!! hahahah

Momma and I thought moles were only pretend, wow that is so cool, I hope there was not one in the hole :(

Your pooping skillzs are very good! :)

I hopes it blocks the moles hole. Have a good weekend farm dudes.
That's showing them Eric!
Eric, did you poop on the mole's head? Clever lad!
Way to go! Looks like a good place to poop to me too.
That's EXACTLY right thing to do, Eric! I couldn't watch the video for some reason, but I have a fair idea of your strategy. Mum's are so weird!
GReat pooping spot!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That is a great video! What a great pooping spot!

Purrs, Sukie x
You're my hero!

Inquiring cats want to know ... did yer poop land on the mole??
Would that be "making a mountain in a molehill"?
I bet those moles aren't coming back!
its all about the poop positioning!

Eric, its a bit unconventional but if it eradicates the mole problem, you've really got something there. Take that, you dirty old mole!!!
Uh oh. Smelly mole.

Luf, Us
Very inventive, Eric!
Oh my, my moon pie mancat (hehehe), we've been enkurraging yoo to poop more and yoo are defunatlie taking owr advise! That's wondurful to see yer feeling bettur and pooping away!!

Don't be embarrassid cause we all poop-yoo just like to poop on moles while the rest of us prefur littur boxes. Yer soo yooneek, my caramel apple mancat, and that's what makes yoo so speshul (but not in a short bus kinda way)

Keep up the mole pooping!!! -Rosie
Great job!

You are an inspiration to me.

Such poise, such grace, such aim.

Something for me to aspire to.

Purrs Goldie
Hahahahaha! I would totally poop on a mole hill.

Your pal,
Hee hee.

You are suffering from paparazzi problems Eric, don't they realise you must have SOME privacy??
I can't believe I'm watching a video of a cat that lives 2000 miles away ( and that I'll probably never actually meet)drop a deuce.
I love the internet!
Excellent, that must be one unhappy mole. FAZ
I did not expect that. I have a feeling that mole will be relocating to a new home.
Dearest Eric,
Sometimes a man's gots to do what a man's gotta do.

Very truly yours,
The boys from the Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Well, Eric, we guess that's one way to get the mole out of his hole!
Moles used to have just the one purpose - to be hunted,caught and played with and now they have another purpose!


Poor Eric. I'm sorry your Mum gives you no privacy.
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