Monday, October 06, 2008


Mancat Monday

The sun came out yesterday afternoon, so we got to roll in the dirt.
After we had done that we went to check the hay and straw again.
Eric: Flynn where have you gone? I can't see you.
Flynn: I'm in here Eric. I'm just coming back out.
Eric: I'd better have a look to see what you were doing in there. I don't want to miss anything.
Eric: Hmphh, that was a waste of time. There wasn't anything in there at all.

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Oh. My. God.
Hay... look at all the hay... ::THUD::
Ah sun. I know I will remember that when I see it again.
First dirt in your pretty furrs then hay.. you guyz will be cute handsome scarecrows soon! hehe
It does look like very much fun though and it is so very great that you always are together looking after one another :)

I am so admiring you have such great adventure!
hay hay hay!!! how much fun. and dirt time too! what a fun day.

I get why you are out in the hay... you need your rest after all the comments you guys get...Hay sure has its upsides.
Wow! Wow! That is SO cool!

Forever Foster gave us an awardie, and we want you to have it too!

Come get it off our blog. :)

Does you get hay fever from all that hay?
I bet there are so many delish smells in there!
How many tasty mousies did you guys catch yesterday??? Mmmmm...mousies...

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
The perfect way to spend an afternoon!


Purrs Goldie and Shade
No mices??? Sheesh, slim pickings it seems.

I have something for you today!
That looks like bales of fun, boys! We bet you have to take a very thorough bath afterward!
You both have so much fun...I wish I had a barn...

Hay, whoops, we mean hey Eric and Flynn, even though there wasn't anything in the hay it sure looks like a whole lot of fun to explore! You guys are so lucky!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Rolling in the dirt looks like fun. You guys are super brave explorers.
Dirt-rolling looks like fun! And playing in the hay!!! We wanna do that too!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
playing in the hay looks like fun!
No mice? Ooooo I bet they hid well, maybe next time?

~ Shadow ~
Dudes, that looks like fun even if there didn't turn out to be anything in the hole.
When you're all the way out of the holes, stop by our blog and pick up your award.
your bud Pepi
Rolling in the dirt looks wonderful! Was that a neat hiding space in the hay. It looks like a tight squeeze. I'd hate for you to get stuck.
It looks like great fun to play in the hay!

Purrs, Sukie x
Redfurd here! Awww I can say is NO FAIR! You gitz to pway in the hay and bask in da sun outside! Whimpurr sez I am on restrictions from goin outside. I don't understand dat ... but she sez since I wike to jump da cat fence (I thought that meant it was for cats) and go see my neighbors, that I can no longer go outside. Gosh, iz dat what ya git for being sociable! ~ Purrs~
You guys always have the most fun!
Doodz. Rolling in the dirt and playing in the hay just doesn't get any better!

Luf, Us
you guys live in kitty heaven!
we knows why you went inna hay after the dirts--it combed alla dirts outta yer furs!!! clever dicks, you, as well as fun-loving!
Hey, cool! A burrow!
I do not know what looks like more fun: rolling in the dirts, or playing in the hays! You boys are lucky!
I am so glad the sun came out for you guys yesterday :-D Looks like you had lots of fun!
Rolling in the dirt and playing in the hay looks like lots of fun - sigh...I only get to roll on carpets, tile and wood floors : (
You two are the luckiest gosh-darned cats in the whole wide world... look at your playground!
You have the most wonderful adventures. You are so lucky.
Now that looks like fun. Oh how Guy would love to jump off the top of that hay stack!
I feel a sneeze coming on.
Roll in da dirt, feel da sunshine, look fur mousies in da hay...yoo do haf a great life.
That looks like bunches of fun! The two of you can get lost in there.
You handsome guys sure live in a fun place. You have so many great things to see and do.

Gee whiz, you have a barn to play in, looks like you are having fun, its almost November.
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