Sunday, October 05, 2008


Easy on Sunday

If it doesn't rain today, this is what we will be doing.

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We have our paws crossed in the hopes the sun shines all day and you git to roll 'round in the dirt and play. Just promise to be careful on the outside, 'kay?

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Ummmmm, nice!!!!! It's raining here so, all is mud and no dirt. I stick to looking out from the chair.
That looks like the most wonderful way to spend the day. We hope it doesn't rain.
Room for one more dudecat?
I love it so much how you guyz do everything together! :)
Pes: Is is hard to get all the dirt from your furrs?
It does look every nice though :)

I hope it does not rain because that looks like so much fun!!!!!!!
Purrs Mickey
That is so great you can lie down there~!
Oh what I wouldn't give to be able to roll around out there.
We do not understand why, but Mom won't let us do that in the dark. We have to wait hours after seeing you boys stretched out so nicely.
Ohhhhh I love dirt rolling. You dudes have fun and I hopes it stays dry.
That looks like fun. I don't know what rolling around in dirt feels like, but you two seem to enjoy it.
I would love to join you, that looks like it would be heavenly!
That looks like fun! We hope it doesn't rain!
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Eric and Flynn, we hope it doesn't rain on you either, because that looks like a great way to enjoy your Sunday!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Well, I hate to spoil your Sunday but I have a feeling it is probably raining on you. We just had Cornish Auntie on the phone and she said it has been chucking it down incessantly in Cornwall, can't believe Devon is any better! Also it is raining quite steadily all day here in London. Boo! And mum has caught a cold off those germy kids she teaches.
chillaxin in da dirt ar u boyz?
in fact ... i wuz chillaxin in da rain heer in noo york today. da wether iz chanjin ... disturbin.
i wuz watchin yer recent videoz. uv course i luved yer tree climbin video! it wuz indeed eksellent ...
i wuz, however, laffin an laffin at yer mole hole video! har!
Whoo hee! Dat looks like fun if it duzn't rain.

Luf, Us
Have you ever played in the mud?
We want to lay in the dirt too!
Looks like a lot of fun! If we could do that, we would roll over and over.
~ Sara and Noah
We hope for you it didn't rain - that's looks like a pretty good idea! :-)'s been throwin' it down in North London!......
You gots da most pawsome place to hang out!
Wish we could join you, guys! There is nothing like a good dust bath!
We had our paws crossed it didnt rain here either but .... it rained! :( Did yoo get to roll in da dirt??
I hope it didn't rain - you two look so happy rolling about! (That's what I would be doing, too!)
WOW...that looks like fun, but we can't go outdoors.

(((HUGS)))~Chancy, Jake and Babe of The Ernie's Voice Gang
We have to do our rolling around on the carpet or on mom's bed. So we like to look at you playing outside. :)
We sure hope it don't rain. It rained here but mom came in and started baking so it was okay.
Rolling in the dirt is fun! Are you trying to entice your Mum to come rub your beautiful belly, Flynn?
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