Thursday, October 02, 2008


Do Not Disturb

I have been working very hard trying to catch up with commenting. I have worn my claws down to the bone and now I need to rest.

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I made it here first?!?

Dude, you look so comfy. I hope you got some belly rubbings for that pose!
Hahaha! Cute!
Dearest Flynn,
Dude, we is warnin' really need to stop lookin' so cute and showin' your tummy...mommy is seriously gonna jump on a plane and come to your house to start kissin' on your's real embarrassin' and hide as fast as you can!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
You have certainly earned a break. Since you are looking so irresistably cute, possibly a tummy rub break.
I think you could take a nap first~!
Commenting sometimes is very tired, yes!
You look very tired. I hope you get a chance to rest.
They build up so fast don't they? :)
I hope you really did not mean that you wore your claws to the bone, coz that would be very bad!!

You certainly is very striking, Maybe you is Mr Errol Flynn? Mr Charmer ? :))
Iz ok if Momma does virtual face rubbies in your tummy? (coz she iz doing it anyways!) heeh

Hey, Flynn, do you like armpit massages? That's my armpit massage pose.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Poor Flynn! You have to rest and look after yourself. This pose is dangerous unless you love tummy rubs.
Oh Flynn, we sense a tummy snuggle getting close!

-Fui, Suey and Evie.
Woah, extremely cute kitty alert!! Comes with floofy belly too! Flynn, we tinks you got urself some new female furrfans with ut snooze position!
Garfield, on behalf of me fainty sisfurs... :P
Mommy had to look away quickly! That's way too much cuteness for her to handle so early in the morning!!!
WOW!!! I gotta hold Mom back!!! She wants that tummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Relaxed or what?!!! heeheehee
Purrs Mickey
Dude, that's just how I look when I'm blogging! Except I'm not yellow... or nearly as handsome... oh, and my paw is usually on Mom's mouse hand. -Gandalf

Is it a gingur fing? My Brofur Ping does the same exact fing as yoo........

"Yes" resting is important :)
THAT'S the money shot!
Mum thinks that belly nedds some serious rubbing.
Those ears need skritches, too...
Poor Flynn! Resting is important, too.
All tired out!!!
You look so long & lean in this picture!
Oh Flynnnnn you are so cute.
What a face *sigh*
I know what you mean, Flynn. It's been one of those weeks where I haven't been able to make my rounds like I like to.
Flynn, you've been working too hard commenting. Take a lonngggg nap.
Ha ha ha ha!± That made MB laugh!

Purrs, Sukie x
Thank dogness you'we so clevew and know when it's time to mustn't wowk so hawd..gweat sneeping position
smoochie kisses
I'll type verry kwietly...

Grate napping pose Flynn. Sweet dreems!
Ha, ha, ha....Flynn, you look very, very comfy. I like how your front paws are curled up : )
awwww! way ta relax! what a great picture.
Awww, Flynn, yer such a handsum, kyoot mancat. Thares no way we'd disturb yoo!!!

Pleeze tell my strawbarry short kake that miss seeing his mancatly face on yer blog. Tell him to do sumthing kyoot so yer lady will take his piktur!!
Huh, mom sed "awwwwww" and Zippy hopped up and looked at yoor piksher and said "whoa, what a hunk"...well, dat is what she was thinking as she rubbed her head on da screen.
That sure is a great pose!
Poor Flynn. Worn out.

Luf, Us
You do look wiped out, Flynn.
OMG Flynn, you look awesome!! Hahaha. But blogging and visiting friends can be really exhausting! You should ask for some extra treats for that pose! :-)
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