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Wordless Wednesday


Eric is yakking again. It started Sunday morning and every time he eats or drinks, it all comes back again. Mum and Dad don't think it is as serious as before cuz he is still pooping. Mum knows that furr sure because she watches him like a hawk ever since he got bunged up.They took him to the V E T today and he scanned his tummy and his interestings. The V E T said he couldn't see anyfing that shouldn't be there and thinks that maybe it could be an allerjee to one of the ingreedyents in our biskits. That means for the time being we are getting Stinky Goodness only and no dry food. Mum thinks she may keep us off the dry food all the time now. We usually have dry food mornings and Stinky Goodness night times. The V E T stabbed Eric in the neck and gave him meddysin. Eric sez it is the same most horrible evil meddysin that he had before. When he has it, it makes his mouth froth, and he looks like he has been licking toads. The V E T thinks this will settle his tummy and he doesn't haf to go back again unless he's no better in a couple of days.

Hmphh Don't know why the writing turned out big. It didn't in the preview.

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Wow.. so like the yakking means you don't have to eat dry food. Cool.
Except of course we want you to feel good other wise I'd say keep it up!
so okay if i yak i get cake??? cause i could totally do that if i had to!

feel better honey!

smiles, auntie bee
If he was an actor that would be cool! They like to be all skinny and druggie lookin';)
My sister "yaks" a lot :( Whenever she eats anything other than her special dry biscuits for sensitive tummys, but she is a "breed" and the vets say that pure breeds usually have iffy tummies.
I don't I can eat anything!! ;)
Ohh by the way the biscuits are a brand called "Royal Canin" and they comez in lots of different varieties.
Mushka uses the sensitive tummy one and it works great :)
Awwww, big huggies, Eric! We're so sorry you're yakkin. We're sendin lots and lots of purrs that you're feelin bettur soonies!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Wow! When we yak, we get groaned at, or rather the mom groans at how gross it looks! hehe
Hope Eric get to feeling better soon! No fun to be yaking, no not fun at all. Keep an eye on him and make sure you spoil him just a little. This will help him to feel better.
Hey, Stinky Goodness, you can't beat that. But I hope Eric feels better soon.

Oh, and the Woman says she likes the big letters. She's got old eyes and squints a lot...
oh, my vanella shugur wayfur eric- this is not gud. I'm so wurried abowt yoo my butturfingur malt shake, pleeze eat lots of yer stinkie gudness and have it come out the rite way!
Oh no, Eric, we hope stopping the dry food helps! Sending healing purrs your way. Since Dragonheart is allergic to chicken, we can only eat special vishus deer food, since a lot of non-chicken foods still have chicken fat in them.
Thank you so much for celebrating my first birthday with me yesterday! I really appreciate it! - Merlin
Poor Eric, I hope you soon feel better. I'm sure a diet of pure stinky goodness will make this happen quickly ;)
Dearest Eric,
Please please PLEASE git better, 'kay? We is very worried 'bout you.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang

PS...thanks for the award!!! We will put it on our bloggy tomorrow! :-)
Oh Eric! This is awful! I hope the stinky goodness only fixes you right up!
Eric I is sorry to hear that you has been yaking all over the place. Please don't get any on the tractor.

Purring for you big guy.
yakking is no fun, I defnitely know this!! Hope you stop yakking soon, Eric!
No more yaks!
Just keep finkin

We hopes yoo feels better and we hass an award furr yoo and Flynn...

Hey Eric! We think you are yakking just so that you get stinky goodness ALL the time now!

But seriously, we hope you stop yakking soon! You don't want anymore of that icky medicine, do you??

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
Only stinky goodness? Grayson wouldn't be happy but Gandalf would love it!
Ooh sitting on top of a tractor thing. Your very lucky!

I hope you stop yacking soon Eric!
Oh no! I hope Eric gets better soon.

PS: Thanks for the award.
Oh Gosh Eric you must be getting tired of this! I sure hope that this goes away fast.

Doodz. Stinky goodness all the time? Wowee.

Eric, pleeze dunt yak. Ok?

Luf, Us
Eric we hope you are all better soon and the yakking stops. We mostly get stinky goodness because of us always yakking up dry food. Mom will leave a minimum of dry out overnight. Stabbed you in the neck!!!!! Are you plotting your revenge yet??
I sure do hope you won't have to go back to the VET. Ouch!
Get well soon, Eric!!
~ Noah
Oh, Eric. There's too much illness going around. Take care of yourself and enjoy the new food!
hi thanks for your message about our George. We're all really missing him so much and the house seems so quiet and strange without him. We've buried him in the garden and put a walnut tree on him, which I hope will grow nice and big
No fair. Me and Gree yakked a lot and had dye-a-reea and we didn't get stinky goodness all the time. Hope it is just a food sensitivity, Eric. Me and Gree are sensitive to wheat and corn. Maybe it's something easy like that, cuz let me tell you, the foods with no wheat and corn have MORE MEAT! Yum! We'll be purring for you buddy.
That picture of you guys is very awesome!!! The news are not! We hope you get better soon and don't have to go back to the VET!!!!!
Oh Noes. I'm so sorry Eric is sick. We get stinky goodness in the mornings and evenings (but not too much) because it's better for my bladder stone problems. At 7:00 PM Pumpy and I get just a few pieces of crunchy fudz. That's just the way it is. Just a few pieces in the bowl and you wouldn't even think that we'd notice if we didn't get it but guess what... at 6:55PM we sit in front of the beans and then we get real vocal if they don't put those few pieces of crunchy goodness in our bowl. Hope you're better soon, Eric.
Oh no! Not the yakking again! Didja eat another bad mousie? We hope it's just a food allergy. Rascal yaks when he's had Temptations, so we don't get them much anymore. We're purring for you!

Flynn, that's a furry manly pose. MrrrrrROW!
LOL about the big print - stuff like that happens to my mom sometimes too!

Eric, I hope you feel much better very soon and don't have to take that yukky medicine! Thanks to you both for helping to trash my place!
Geee....will it be narrow oesophagus? I am not sure, just guessing, some cats' oesophagus will narrow after some surgery... seems Eric is not having surgery with anesthesia...
I am praying and purring for Eric...Hoping he is doing alright.

This photo of Eric and Flynn is great! And congratulations on your award! I LOVE your blog as well!
Come on over, we gave you a couple of awards!
Hi guys!

We eat two different venison foods. Our stinky goodness is Ziwipeak food. We eat the Venison and the Venison & Fish varieties (Dragonheart likes the V&F best, I'll eat both). For crunchies, which we get less of, we eat Hill's Prescription Diet Feline d/d Venison, which we buy from our vet. Hill's also makes a prescription venison wet food, but our mom likes us to eat natural/organic stuff as much as possible, which is why we get the Ziwipeak stuff. But the Hill's crunchies are the only ones that Dragonheart will eat (he's a fussy eater) and that don't give him the runs, so we eat those.

We hope that Eric's yakking is just due to a food allergy, and that switching foods might help.
I´m so sorry Eric... Did your veterinarian do a bloodtest? It can help to know what happens to him.

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