Thursday, September 18, 2008


A typical Day.

Most of our days are pretty much the same which suits us. We like to lie around in the grass....

and sit around in the grass......

and we walk around checking things out........
Then when we have done that, we like to chase each other around the garden.
But of course, in between doing that, we nap and we eat.

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I need to spend some time at your place!!! That sounds like s ton of fun!!!!
Purrs Mickey
shoot somebody has got to do all that stuff so it might as well be you two, right? har har

smiles, auntie bee
Heh, cool it is Thursday already for you. That is wonderful.
Happy Thursday fellas
I love the garden you have for chasing each other around in. That looks like fun!
What a lovely way to spend the day.
It's really a wonderful garden~!!!
I really love that~!!!!!!!!
I hope I could chase and run at that kind of garden as well~!
Wow, that all sounds like a ton of fun!
How many times can I say it? You two have the perfect kitty life. Glad to see you enjoying it to the max.
That sounds like a pretty good way to spend a day to me.
You two boys are living the good life!!

Racing games are always fun.
Oh, my cheez daynish, yoo and Flynn leed a vary grate life! But don't furget that yoo need to make stinkies too!!! Yoo seem to furget to do that sumtimes and yoo skare yer peepul when yoo do that.
Sounds similar to my day but i don't have a great brother to share it with. Just a crank arse sis.


Purrs Goldie
Your "typical" days are wonderful!
How delightful! We spend most of our days inside napping, because it's still miserable degrees hot here.
Is that stair-thing and platform for you guys too? Pumpy and I would probably like that because you can sit up high.
Mommy LOVES the last picture!!!
We luf the "action shot"!!! Heehee! We want to come bisit yur garden.
~Meeko & Kiara
That sounds like the purrfect day.

OF COURSe napping and eating is a total must.

it IS a cats life! cause....we rule.
If stuff is good, it is best if every day is the same!
That sounds like a great day!

My ginger cousin Rudy would love to come and visit you, I'm sure. He's also known as "Rudy the Paw" because he loves whapping . . . he even whaps his doggie brother.
Eric and Flynn, we always thought we were pretty lucky living on our Island and being Island Cats...but we'd like to change places with you least for a day or two. You sure have fun!

Wally & Ernie
Chasing is good fun!
I couldn't think of a better way to spend a day. I like your little ramp in the bottom picture. I bet that goes to a great high hangout.
Chasing each other is good exercise :-) However, I think napping and eating are even more important. If you're not rested or have no energy cause you're starved, you won't be able to do any chasing.
Cat´s Life! Muahahaha!
Looks like the perfect way to spend the afternoon!
I kinda like dat plank ting. Are you guyzez praxticin to beez pirates or sumpin'? Count me in!
You guys sure have busy days!
That's a furry good kind of day. I do a lot of birdwatching out of the patio window while my humans are at work all day. Also napping under the yellow chair upstairs. And eating, obviously.

Looks like it's going to be sunny this weekend! My humans are going to Wimbledon to see the Davis Cup tennis on Sunday.

Fat Eric
Can we come join you?
That sounds like a totally pawsome day guys!!I wouls sure likez to getthose kind of dayz :)
And momma said to add that your grass is TOO green and pretty and to stop it already! :P hehehe
Chasing around the garden looks like a lot of fun!
Oh, what a wonderful day for you two! I would like to climb up that ramp too!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat
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