Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Tummy Tuesday

Mum hoovered my vishus deer furrs for me the other day after I dug so much out of it, but it wasn't right, so I dug some more out. I haf to dig at it every time before I go to sleep to make sure it is still deaded. I don't want to wake up and find it is attacking me.

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you make Michico wants rubbing your tummy~~
Flynn, you haf a furry nice tummy
Awwww, Flynn, you look so snuggly on them deer furs! Momma wants to rub yur tum!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Sooooooo CUTE and cozy!!!!!

Thanks for recently visiting my site.
Oh a Tummy! I will not be responsible for what the Woman does with those fingers in your tummy... so beware.
Oh you haz that cute tummie look down pat!!
You even haz the little curled up back toes.. that makes momma melt!!
YOu will have to stop digging out the furrs because the won't last forever!!
Oh, you can't be too careful when it comes to vishus deers. They can easily come back from the dead.
Flynn, you do look very cute all curled up. We agree with Pablo, you can never be too careful about deaded vishus deer.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Uh, you have got a serious problem now, little dude...mommy is in LOVE with your tummy and wants to kiss it. Dang...be glad you live in England. She probably won't just show up at your door tryin' to start kissin'...at least we don't think she will...

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
That fur on fur look is really going for you!!!!

Your belly looks very snuggable, Flynn!!!!

Purrs Goldie and Shade
All I can say is that you are lucky that my Mommy isn't there - your tummy would get rubbed and rubbed and rubbed...
Dear Eric, Flynn and their humans,
Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by our blog offer your kind words of support. We miss Roscoe so much, but it helps to have friends like you who remember him. Thank you so much for posting his "Get Well" post. If Roscoe could have been healed by well wishes alone, he would have been better that first day.

Sending you our love from italy and please, enjoy each moment you have together. Life is just too short.

Opus (and Cyndi)
Dude, you need to try to relax! You look a little bit tense. hehehe.
Stop squeeing, Woman!
Dear Flynn,
That looks like such a great blanket. I don't sleep with my feet in the air like you do, yet, because I too have to be cautious about being attacked in my sleep. Except, it is not by a deer but by an Abby.

These are just the most adorable pictures of you Mom has ever seen...she just



Wally, Ernie & Zoey
What a Yummy Tummy!!
~ Anna Sue
My miewmie's gone all awaheee
Flynn, your tummy is just begging to be snorgled!
your tummy is floofy!
Ohhhh, Mom wants to reach out and scritch that tummy!
We agree. Don't want the vishus deer furs to alive up agin.

Luf, Us
Ahhhh...Flynn you look so cute sleeping on your vishus deer.

My Mum really wants to snorgle your tummy, watch out!
Lol...Sweet Dreams :)
BELLY!!!!!!!! Look out here comes MOM!!!!!!!!! She loves bellies!!! heehee
Purrs Mickey
That made me chuckle out loud! ::Make sure it's still dead:: Ha ha!
Flynn, my bro sleeps like that! It must be a ginger thing.
Dat's a good idea...make sure it's really dedded afore yoo go to sleep.
Cute tum tum - my SS wants to rub it! I don't go to sleep like that. Perhaps that's because I am afraid I would be attacked. Once a stray, always cautious.
Cat's can rest. I think we humans have something to learn....
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