Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Tummy Tuesday

Surprise surprise! It's raining yet again. I came in this morning all soaking wet, so mum got the towel and dried me. She called me Spike cuz my furrs were all standing up and pointy.
I think I will spend the rest of the day on the bed unless it stops raining.
You can look at my toesies as well as my tummy if you want to. They are clean today because when I came in from the Oudoors, they were full of mud, and mum said,'If you think you are going to bed in that state, you can think again Eric.' She very kindly cleaned my toesies for me after she had rubbed me down with the towel. I only put the bitey on her once!
My yakking seems to have stopped now. The V E T told mum she has to read food labels and make sure there is no wheat gluten or beef in the contents. We recently changed from Gourmet Pearl to Purina Natural Balance. The V E T thinks the beef flavour NB Stinky Goodness might be causing me problems, and the Natural Balance crunchies contain wheat gluten.
We are having Stinky Goodness in the evenings, but none with beef flavours or additives, and mum bought three small bags of different types of crunchies for sensitive tummies for mornings. Our favourite is the Royal Canin Sensible 33. Vampy Victor suggested them, and it seems to be working for me. Flynn is having it too because he is a walking disposal unit, and it is easier to feed him the same than try to stop him eating mine.
Thank you all for your get well wishes when I was feeling pawly.

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Yay! for feeling better, Eric. We do not like beef flavors so we think we could probably be quite happy and content with your foodies, too!

*We did a silly typo and deleted our first try. Sorry!
What's going on here? The Zoolatry Human says she's gonna get a "ticket" to fly "across the pond" just to rubadub two of her most favorite bellehs.
(What's wrong with our bellehs?)
Hi! I finally get to come and visit my friends. How are you all doing?

I hope that you have a wonderful day!

OH.....THE TUMMY!!!! Can I please come and snorgle???
Glad you're feeling better. That bed looks a lot better than being out in the rain. Nothing really beats a rainy day nap.
Glad you are feeling better. We haven't eaten wheat gluten since the recall because Mommy is paranoid. Or maybe not so paranoid.
For pete's sake, MomBean! Stop snorgling the monitor!
The Woman can't eat gluten- it makes her super duper sick. Glad to hear you're feeling better!

so good to hear you are feeling better. our humans have been sick so we've had to take care of them. i hope the new food helps. it's rained alot here and i've had to stay in. i got left outside the other night and wasn't to happy when they realized in the morning. i guess they didn't hear me yelling.

cute tummy!!!! glad you're feeling better!!
You look so comfy, and it's better that the horrible rain!

Glad you are feeling better now.

purrs, Sukie x
Such wonderful news that you are feeling better!

Mommy wants to kiss your toesies . . . better watch out!
We're glad you stopped yakking, Eric! Our mom has to watch what she feeds Ernie 'cuz he can't have anything with grains in it 'cuz he's allergic.

Hope you stay dry...

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

pee ess. when mom saw your tummy she said "snorgle time!!!"

Eric is feelin better...we is so happy to hear dat....

*woo HOO**

Momma juss wanted to give yoo sum big scritches on yur tummie...

Eric, I am glad that you found some foods that are working for your sensitive tummy!
May I have a wee bit of a snorgle on that tum?
Oh my goodness. Too many food restrictions! Arrggggh. Way too much work. Clean toes though.

Luf, Us
Rainy days is good for napping and thats what we is doing today too! We's gettin "buckets" of it today!
What cute toesies and tummy ~ we are very glad you are doing well now :)
Hi Spike!!
Glad you are feeling better!!
Eric, I am so glad you're doing better on a restricted diet! That is great news :-D
Oh Eric, please keep getting better. We need you strong. There have been too many not feeling too. I still think you guys at your place are such cuties.
Oh Eric we is so very happy that you is all better!!! :))))

You iz very clean too, though I has never seen you dirty, momma must find time to go back further into your past (pages)!!! heheheh

And MOmma said to tell you, you has the most face plantable tummie ever!
Dearest Eric,
We is so glad you is feelin' all better and everything. We was real very worried. We need to warn you of somethin'...our mommy has this thing with tummies...when she sees a tummy as fine lookin' as yours, she just has gots to kiss it. And...when she starts tummy kissin', it can be real embarrassin'...and don't think you is safe just 'cause you live all the way in England...she might just show up at your house and start smoochin' on ya. Just be forewarned.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Eric, I am so very happy that your tummy is feeling better! And what a nice looking tummy you have, indeed! I like your toesies too!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat
I'm glad to hear you're feeling better these days, Eric. Trying different foods is pretty exotic and fun, isn't it?
Eric, great news on being yak free!!!!!!
Now you can enjoy your nap :)
Purrs Mickey
Eric, we are glad you aren't yakking any more! Gluten is horrible stuff for us kitties - you should definitely stay far, far away from it.

We hope the new foods work! We both eat the vishus deer food that Dragonheart has to eat, because it's too difficult to try to feed us different foods. Merlin is a walking disposal unit too!
I am glad that you have found the origin of your discomfort. Winter is here! I love winter and blankets... muahahaha!
Oh Eric, Mini and I have sensitivity to wheat and corn. We can't eat it at all or we yak a lot and have diarrhea. I hope staying away from the wheat gluten makes you feel as much better as it does us.
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