Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Toesies Tuesday

It's impawtunt to keep your toesies clean, but do you make loud crunching noises when you clean your claws? I do and it makes mum cringe.

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Dearest Flynn,
Oh yes...we all crunch on our fingernails. It makes our mommy gag. What in the world is wrong with our mommies?

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
we doesn't crunch our tosies. that would make mommy chase us around with the clippers
of course thare are crunchies-temptatshun leftovurs are yooshullie chrunchie!!

Pee-Ess-tell my bloobarry pie he's a hot mancat!!
Oh you have wonderfully clean toesies!
I do loud licking which always makes mum wonder what I am doing.
I love cleaning my toeies but I am very, very quiet.
Oh yes - the crunching noises are what really put the humans over the edge.
ME gived you a award!!! - Billy
I like to keep my toesies clean , too~!
You are doing very very good job!
Yes, I do - this is Pyewacket - I MUNCH the be-heck out of them.

Gees those fevvers were BIG! And mom thanks your mum for the talk about the layers - it's her current big thing, blending layers.

I think she blends the be-heck out of them actually!
Yup, I can crunch away with the best of them!
Mmmmmmmmmm I hope your crunchies were tasty Flynn.

Smooches to you two farmboys.
We do that too. Crunch, crunch, slurp, slurp.
I iz SO very glad that you did a postie about this.. My Momma thought I was wiered and something wrong coz I bite-ed my nails.. Only coz Mushka doesn't and has nice sharpie ones wherez mine are blunt and ugly...
"See Momma I iz not the only one!"

Haha it does look like you iz trying to eat your paws though :P hehe

Toe crunching next to a sleeping Mum or Dad is a great way to wake them up to serve us breakfast too!
Flynn, after all that digging you did yesterday we can see why you have to clean your toesies today!

And yes, we make lots of noise when we clean ours...mom doesn't understand it!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
Maw sez "Ewwwww".

Luf, Us
I only make the crunching noises when I clean my back toes. Those must be tougher.
He he we sometimes do make these noises - but not very loud - toesies cleaning is a furry impawant part of grooming we fink..
you has cruchie claws?
how can I git dem?
Oh yes! Especially when I gnaw on the hind clawrs.

We do not crunch. Just reading your post about crunching made Mom cringe. hehehe.
Yup. We are crunchers too!
Mighty fine paws today Flynn.
Yep, sometimes you just gotta crunch 'em.

Out of our 3 Ollie is the only one who does that. She loves to chew on her claws. Especially when they're too long and need to be trimmed. But don't you dare try to trim her claws! She says NOOOOOEEEE!
Yup, even Zippy crunches on her back feets. Doesn't seen to bother mom to much, dad is a whole other subjekt. He gets weered out at mom wiping woofies out of our eyes, he's got a "sensitive" tummy.
Teehee, well, you've gotta get the job done perfectly!
Stop biting your nails!!!!!!!! ;)
Purrs Mickey
We should try this. It would drive Jan crazy!

Zoolatry made the header for us. Tell your mom when she does upgrade to layouts to be sure to copy her entire template into a text file (Word or whatever she has) on her computer. We thought we would have to do one photo at a time, but we were able to copy and paste in groups and put more than one to a widget. We can sort later if we want to change anything.
No, I don't make noises when I clean my toesies. Of course, I have a lot of floof on my toesies and Mom keeps my nails trimmed.
I don't crunch, but I bet it would drive my mommy crazy, so I think I'll try it.
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