Friday, September 05, 2008


To share or not to share.

Eric: Come on Flynn, are you going to budge up so I can share the seat?

Eric: Hmphh, he didn't have to go, I would have shared with him. Where did you go Flynn?

Flynn: I'm up here waiting for the sun to shine. Are you coming up.

Eric: I'm here. Do you think I would make a good mascot on the front of the tractor Flynn? Flynn?? Now where has he gone?

Flynn: Hehe, now he's up there, I can have my seat back all to myself.

My brother might have to go back to the V E T again in the morning because he has been yakking again and is very quiet and just lying around. Mum is going to see how he is through the night cuz it might just be an off day, but any doubts and he'll be going back.

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Muahahahahaha! Flynn, you are so intelligent!

Get well soon Eric, I send you my curative power...

Prrrrrrrrrr... prrrrrrrrrr... prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
Oh Eric please get well soon! We will purrs for you.

Thank you for our award we shall post it this weekend! :)
hehehe - that was furry tricky! we're sending lotsa purrs for Eric to get all well and not take yucky meddysin anymore.
You too are soooo funny playing games with each other. Flynn, I think you finally confused Eric so you could be on your own.

Purrs to Eric on his tummy troubles.

Thanks for the GoldCard award too!
eric get WELL! please?

smiles, auntie bee
Oh no! Purring for Eric to feel all better soon!
Wow you guys have such neat BIG toys to play with! You must have so much fun!
Please get better Eric !!

(From Momma)- My baby Mushka has a terrible sensitive stomach, if she eats anything other than the dry food I give her she vomits, and even then sometimes she vomits if she eats too much.
I am not saying it's a cure and Erics could be more than just a sensitive tummy, but after I put my Mushka on the sensitive food for cats she improved heaps.
Maybe you can get a sampler pack of the food from your pet store and see if it helps?
I hope you don't mind me suggesting things, just trying to help :))
Ohh it is Royal Canin Brand and called: Sensible 33.
Both of you are certainly very cute!!!
The two of you look great on the tractor!

Eric, we are sorry to hear you are still yakking and aren't feeling well. :( Sending lots of healing purrs your way - we hope you feel better soon!
That is very good Flynn. Eric, we hope you feel better soon. We are purring for you.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Excellent tactics there Flynn and yeah, Eric would make a brilliant tractor mascot!

Eric, I hope you feel better soon fella!
Oh dear, I really hope Eric shall be OK.
We're gonna' start purring for him right away!
Great tractor shots!

Purrs out to you Eric for a better tummy quick!

~Goldie and Shade
You guys are too funny!!!! DO look good up there ;)
I hope your tummy settles down! I'll send some purrs to help!!
Purrs Mickey
Sometimes we just want to be alone!

I hope you don't need to go back to the vet Eric!

Purrs, Sukie x
That tractor looks like a great place to hang out. I guess the real question is do you share it with your Dad?
We know the truth: you two ALWAYS share cause you're both such super good and kind cats... sure hope no V-E-T visit is needed.
I wouldn't have shared. But then that's me and I think everyone knows that... :)
sending prayers for Eric!
We sure do hope Eric is all better today! We love you guys and don't like you being sick!
Purrs and ((Hugs)))
~ Maggie Mae
Doodz. We're sending way tons of purrs to Eric, ok???

Luf, Us
Oh no! Eric! Be ok, buddy! I'm purring for you!
Sending get well wishes to Eric!

You two look like you're having lots of fun on that tractor ...
You are so clever Flynn!

Please get well soon Eric! We'll be purring for you.
That's good thinking! I can always trick Kaze like that.

That tractor is such a fancy thing! It must be so much fun playing there!

Hope you'll get well soon, Eric!
Nice pictures, wish I had a tractor to play on!

Sorry to hear your tummy is playing up again Eric. Hope it's something that can be quickly fixed.

Bet you are having all the rain too - WHERE IS ALL THIS WATER COMING FROM???!!!
I really, really wish I could drive a tractor!

Feel better, Eric.
You boys are being very silly with your tractor! We are sorry to hear Eric is yakking again. We hope he's just a little off, but we'll start purring now, just to be sure.
Flynn, you are quite the trickster!!
We have our paws crossed for Eric!! Please feel better, friend.
Oh no, Eric, yoo din't eat another bad mouse did yoo? Mom laffed when she saw da pikshers of da old IH...she started driving grampa's when she was 9 years old! She also drove his old truck and learned to ride motorcycle on his old flathead Indian...yoor dad will prolly know what dat is.
Eric, we hope you are feeling better real soon!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
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