Saturday, September 20, 2008


The Saturday Sniff

Eric: Can you smell what I smell Flynn?
Flynn: Yup Mr. Fox has been past here recently.

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Arg, careful of that Mr. Fox mateys. We love your high green seas in the video below. Gar
Ooooh, ginger bums! Mum loves 'em!
Your tails are all floofy? Are you excited to smell Mr Fox?
Oooohhh...please be careful, kay? Mr. Fox just might not be friendly. You guys must be very brave...we would run and hide unnerneath mommy's bed if we thinked there was a Mr. or a Mrs. Fox nearby.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
You guys do interest me~!
What is that smell anyway??
We have never smelled a fox before. Does it smell anything like a dog?

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Guyzz, you should know one should hang back for back up gee willikers!

It must be exciting to smell a fox! Are they bigger than you? be carefuls guyz!!
My Momma thinks foxes are so very cute, even though the ate her hens head and sucked all the bloods from her rooster when she was a little girl.
You guys gots good noses!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
You guys get to sniff the coolest stuff!
Sinkrownized sniffin! Grate pitchur.

Hay thanks for comin by and leevin sum purrs wile Mommy wuz in the hosspittul. She got home a day erly and tonite we're sittin together in the bedroom with the windows open for the first time this seesun. Ah, me and Tenny are doin sum sinkrownized sniffin too!
Dang!!!! I never get to smell anything that exciting!!!!!!!!!
Just my sisfurs butt is all :/
Was it good ? ;)
Purrs Mickey
oh i can ALMOST smell it too!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Aye, who is Mr. Fox, mateys?? We thought your war be goin' after the parrot, gar! ;-)
We have heard of these fox things, what are they? Do they like to play or is they an introoder? Yoo both don't look too happy he was by.
Ohboyohboy! A Fox? That's way more exciting than Evil Squirrel! You are so lucky, boys!
What a cute picture. You two are gorgeous gingers!
Muahahaha! You do a good team!!
I don't think I have ever got to sniff a fox smell. I bet it is very interesting!
What does Mr. Fox smell like?

I hope all of you are having a great weekend :-)
Get em team Ginger sniffs!!!!

They cant trick the team. They are kinda clever though and kinda cute, maybe they wanna join CB and be our foxy friends!!!

-wlk crew.
Get em team Ginger sniffs!!!!

They cant trick the team. They are kinda clever though and kinda cute, maybe they wanna join CB and be our foxy friends!!!

-wlk crew.
The two of you are just too funny!
Synchronized Sniffing!! We have to try that sometime.

Abby Normal
You two are lucky. You get to go outside and sniff Mr. Fox's scent. Just be careful, he could be hiding nearby.

Mindy & Moe
Oooh, I hope that fox doesn't give you any trouble!

Purrs, Sukie x
Yeah, we can't wait to see Jan catching her own bugs either. But she's such a klutz she'll probably end up having to join the cricket bucket of the day club.
Ooh! Can I smell too?
We biggified the photo and my sisfurs said you boys are so handsome! Please be careful outside!
~ Napoleon
I really like that shot because I can see the differences in your coat patterns!
You haf to hope that Mr Fox isn't hungry. I heard that a cat got 'taken' by a fox only the ofer day so be careful guys !
I sure wish I could be there sniffing with you! Looks like fun!
I just love this picture of you two!!!
You two look like foxes yourself.
You guys crack us up!

Luf, Us
(hehehehehehe) that is a cool picture of you tow!!
Your FL furiends,
Fox alert! Fox alert!
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