Sunday, September 14, 2008



We were very sad today when we heard that Daisy's sister Pixie has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
You are now healthy and your heart is healed, so now you can run happy and carefree once again. We will meet you again one day sweet Pixie.


We are very sad about Pixie, too. We hope Pixie is already climbing her very own bananer tree.
Mom and I were very sad to hear about Pixie this morning.
We are thinking of Daisy and her family. We know that Pixie was very well loved.
So sad that Pixie has left us. Our thoughts are with Daisy and her family.
They is very nice words :)
We is very sad for Pixies families, but we has some sense of, I don't know what, but knowing she is at peace now and is free :)
Thank you so much for your sweet post for Pixie. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated during this sad time.
We were sad to learn about Pixie too. Saisy has a sad today. It's no wonder.

Thanks for coming by to say good-bye. We have some news.
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