Saturday, September 27, 2008


The One that Got Away

I caught a mouse and he wanted to play with me so I let him go so I could catch him again. I think he changed his mind because he ran away. Maybe he will come back tomorrow.

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Dearest Flynn,
We bet he will come back to play tomorrow...mmmm...tastey!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Bob and weave!
Bob and weave!
To the left! The left!!!
Oh you looked like you were having such a grand time!!!
You hop like a bunny! I am so sorry the mousie ran away and wouldn't play with you anymore.
Oh that was fun! You'll catch it tomorrow.

Purrs, Sukie x
Maybe the mousie is playing hide and seek.
If he ran too far he got to my house and I caught him!
haha that was fun!! You look like a little jackwabbit jumping around.
Is it because the grasses tickly your tummy? :)

(ssshhhh I iz kinda glad the mouse gots away.. sorries :( )
Oops you tried hard to recover it Flynn..but sadly it got away..
You'll get him next time, Flynn! You're quite graceful leaping in that grass!
Great action video Flynn! Don't worry about that mouse - we reckon that there's plenty more out there.


Gypsy & Tasha
Dat's good den yoo can get another play day out of it.
What mighty leaps Flynn!
Tomorrow's another day.
Humffffff!!!! Imagine changing his mind!! That's no way to play ;)
Better luck later :)
Purrs Mickey
I love seeing you leaping through the fields!
That's the great thing in such mousies - you'll never get tired in playing with them! :-D
Well, that mouse doesn't play fair.
Well, da nerve of dat mousie! We love how you hop like a bunny...furry athletik.
Flynn, you are an excellent leaper!

Sometimes we let them go to play with them, too! And sometimes they get away when we do that, too!
when yoo get him again make shure to get his medikal rekords befour surving him up to my buttur peekahn ice kreem!!
He LIED! I've heard that all mice lie. They say they're just gonna go tell their friends what a nice guy you are and the minute you let them go..they run! It was sure fun watchin' you try to find the blighter again!
That mousie was not a very good sport, changing his mind about playing with you, Flynn!
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