Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Not wordless - Getting ready for Bed.

Some nights I sleep in my Ham-Mick, some nights on the bed, but now winter is on the way, I have started sleeping on the vishus deer bed again. You can't just go and sleep there though, you haf to do everything properly. First you get on it and dig,dig,dig with your claws to get all the loose vishus furr out.
When you are sure you have got it all out, then you can have your wash.
Once you are sure you are properly clean and your bed is all comfy, then you can go to sleep.

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Dearest Flynn,
This is exactly the process we go through when it is time to go to sleeps. We have real bad dreams if we try to do it any other way.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
You really like grooming yourself, Flynn~!!!
Nice and clean~!!!!!
You are very thorough about settling down on the vishus deer bed. Are you always checking to be sure it's dead?
Wow, that looks like a very thorough and satisfying bed-time routine, Flynn. Eric, I hope your new foods are making your tummy feel better.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
What a comfy looking bed! But can you really sleep without worrying????

Looks like a very comfortable bed, but why go through all of the hassle just to go asleep?
I iz a little confused, you goes and cleans yourself only to go to sleep on all the messy furs you pulled out?
Is you too sleepy to notice? :)
Is it a little bit scary to sleep on a vishus deer bed? Even when you know that the deer is dead?
Flynn, your vishus deer bed looks very comfy! :) It seems that vishus deer are as comfortable to lie on as they are yummy to eat!
Did u really have to go through that, or is da beans not upkeeping with the chores, Flynn? tee hee
Sweet dreams!
p/s: does Eric u on the vishus deer bed?
What a great tutorial!
Flynn them is great bed lessons. I like the way you curls up all toasty cosy.
Wow, we are very impressed to know somebuddy who actually sleeps on vishus deer! You are very brave!
Wow-where did you get your vicious deerfur from?
that's a good procedure. and it looks snuggly
Ooooooo that vishus deer bed looks furry mancatly. You do just rite to go to bed too.
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties
Flynn, I think we can all learn from you! You seem to have the proper way to go to bed down purrfectly!
What a grea bedtime routine you have there Flynn.

Is that a reindeer skin you have there?
That looks like an excellent place to sleep.
wow. did you kill that vishus deer yourself?? i am impressed you are brave enough to sleep on vishus deer pelt.
it looks nice and warm
Very cool bed you have there Flynn. Again I find myself jealous of your surroundings.

purrs Goldie

ps- did your mom get the PM's email?
Wow! That's a very posh bed - Vishus deer!!!!

Purrs, Sukie x
Flynn, we wishes we had a vishus deer bed that we could sink our claws into!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

I fink sleepin in da big vischus deer wood be furry nice and cozy...yoo look furry handsum today...

Are those spots where you already pulled the vishus furrs out?
We're a little concerned...if yoo keep pulling out loose vishus deerfurs won't dat skin end up, well, just skin? Mom just tossed what used to be a fuzzy blanket cuz we pulled out all da fuzzies!
Your a mess!

Luf, Us
I kneed on my girls bed when she gets the blanket out to lay on, just like yoo did the vishus deer bed. The bed looks very warm too.

~ Molly ~
Flynn, it looks like your vishus deer skin is shedding! Are those little hairballs?
I want a blanket as yours!!!
That's really great of you to show us just how it's properly done - it sure does look comfy!
Yeah,all that work makes ya tired!!!!!
It's getting cool here too ;)
Purrs Mickey
Loose fur on loose fur....Da Mom would be buried in no time! We like it! SLEEP on a vishus deer bed! are furry brave!
You have your routine down perfectly Flynn! That bed looks very comfortable.

We are glad Eric is feeling better. Hope his new food is good for him and for you.

{{{{{HUGS}}}}} and prrrrrrrrs and tail wags,
Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus
Looks cozy...sweet dreams :)
That is an ecksellent routine, Flynn! All cozied up and clean and ready to snooze.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Well done Flynn, the routine is so very important! It's nice to see another kitty take it so seriously :-)
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