Monday, September 22, 2008


Mancat Monday

Going for the kill.
Mum was pleased with this photo. She has been trying for weeks to get me in mid pounce, but always ended up getting me when I had landed. You may not be able to tell clearly, but I am about three feet in the air at this moment.
And yes, I did catch the mouse.

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Concatulations! Great shot Flynn's mommie!
Dearest Flynn,
Dang...we is REALLY impressed...both with your manly huntin' skills and your mommy's picture takin' skills. One question, Flynn...was the mousie tastey?

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
What a Mancat!
Wow! That is amazing! I haven't been able to jump that high in a long time! Congratulations on catching the mouse.
That is a very beautiful killing skill~!
Wow! This must be the season of flying cats in the grass.... we just saw Sen-Chan of The Poupounette doing it too, yesterday. Frankly, we are envious!

Abby & Stygia
Dude, we din't know dat yoo knew how to fly!
Flying Flynn! Great shot mum!
Grate akshun shot, Flynn. Did yoo give the mowsie to my chokolate chip cookie? If so, I hope it was a non-sick mowsie.
That is a just TOO cool photo!
Now I can shows Momma what it looks like in jump mode, coz us kittehs are always too fast.
You should give your Momma extra headbutts for that!

Wow Flynn you is the flying mouse hunter!!
That iz a grate shot! Nice catch Flynn!
Very cool! Your mum did a great job capturing you in your hunty glory:)
Oh, wow. Great pounce and great picture. And most importantly, you got the mousie!
That's a fabulous photo! Your mom did a great job. :) You are a fantastic hunter, Flynn!
what a great pikshur!!!!
High flying Flynn! That's a great picture of you! And congrats on catching that mousie!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
At first I thought that I was looking at the National Geographic, with a Lion on the Serengeti pouncin'. Then I look again and it mine pal Flynn.

What a great shot of you's pouncin'!
Mighty hunter indeed.
Pawsome photo Flynn! Concatulations on the mouse too!
-Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar
What a totally amazing action shot!
Wow! THat's a great picture of you! Hey! Just wanted to let you know I've given you an award! Come by my blog and pick it up!
That is an awesome photo!
oh duders! great action shot.

thats what its all about.

-sir stripes, wlk.
Awesome shot. You are quite impressive, for sure.
That is AWESOME!!!!!
Thats a real actshun shot..and you got the mousie into the bargain !! Was he very cute ?
Great shot and good work catching the mouse!
What a great action shot, Flynn!
That's a great photo- both the subject (you) and the artist (your Mum)!
Mum thinks she might print it out for Grandma, if you don't mind- she always likes to see photos of the interweb kitties.
Don't get sick from eating the mousie...
Toby and Cupcake
Yowwzer! What a mouser!!! Did you eat Mr Mouse Flynn or just play with it huh? Just wondering....

Wags, Eric Square Dog
Fantastic action shot! Congratulations!
Great photo!
Wow! Dude!!
That's just amazing!
You are a great jumper like I! Muahahaha!

You can see my jumpers here
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And here !

I just found your jumping picture today and you were so brilliant! I can see why your mum was so pleased! My mum was thrilled to see your mid leap!

Purrrrrrrs, Willow
Whoa~! AWESOME pounce dude!
Wow! We are FURRY impwessed! Purrs ~ Redfurd and Gang!
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