Monday, September 01, 2008


Mancat Monday

First mancat job for the day: Mouse patrol

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Dearest Eric, is my hero. We would give ANYTHING to be able to go on a mousie patrol. But...we ain't allowed outta the house. All of us boys in the Whiskers and Purrs Gang really look up to you!

Very truly yours,
The Boy Cats of the Whiskers and Purrs Gang
You are so so so dashing Eric!
What a hunter!!

Remember, don't eat the sick mice, ok?
I agreez with the boys from The Whiskers and Purrs gang, that would be so totally rockin' to be able to go on a hunt!
Momma says I iz the clumsiest kitteh she has evah seen, I could prove her wrong!! ;)
You lives in cat heaven!
That is the working life, buddies--Monday morning, back on the job.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Mouse patrol sounds like lots of fun!
Mouse patrol sounds like a perfect job for a Monday morning. I agree with Adan -- no eating sick mice.
Wow! We're so impressed we nominate you for our new award - please come and get it from our topcatrules blog. :)
Oh I loves a mouse hunt. Good luck Eric - I hope yoo catches one.
You take your Mancatness quite seriously, Eric! You make us proud to be Mancats, too!
Did ya find any mousies??????
That looks like a great place for mousies to hide Eric, we hope you find a bunch of them!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
I sure would love to join you in that mouse patrol!
We always love following the adventures of you handsome ginger mancats even if we don't always have time to comment. You are so lucky to live out in the country where it is so beautiful.

Thank you for the best wishes on our blogoversary last month as well as on my 17th birthday. You're great friends to us.

You guys are like always on mouse patrol!

Luf, Us
You guys have the most fun of any kitties we know. Don't eat any sick ones!
Mum says she loves the ginger bum.
That looks like so much fun, Eric.
Momma won't let us out, so we will pretend we are with you!
~ The Bunch
You look very manly on patrol.
You should invite all the Blogosphhere kitties over for a Mouse Patrol Party!! You could give us hints & tips on mousing and we think it would really be a blast!!!
If you don't find any there, you can teleport over here to do mouse patrol. We have plenty outside. One was swimming in the pool yesterday :-0're gonna eat it if you find one, aren't you?
The duties of a mancat are many Eric, I'm glad you take them so seriously.
eric ...
wut did u find?
I would really enjoy going on mouse patrol with you! You boys are lucky to go out there!

Thanks for the nice birthday wishes yesterday!

Purrrrrrrrrss, China Cat
All da mice we has known is the ones the mom gives us, with furs from the store and they is dead and stuffed all readys.

Oh wait no, my boy had a hamster till it met an untimely death - it wasn't us I swear! heh!!

~ Shadow ~
Wow, Eric, this is a very important job!
Hey Eric, good work, did you find a mousie?

I like kitties a lot, I playbow to them mostly, he,he!!Me and my bro Otis play games and sleep together all the time. But you be careful of that scarey dog over the fence -I wouldn't go anywhere near him either.

Wiry wags, ERic x
Get those varmits Eric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Purrs Mickey
Dude, don't eat da sick ones...only Zippy gets to go outside here and dat is only cuz she will go on a leash! Mom sez it is danjerus fur a kitty out der and we beleeve her.
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