Friday, September 19, 2008


Friday Film pirate style.

We've got our ship ready to sail and now we want some scurvy varmints to join us on the Seven Seas, but furrst we have a film clip furr yer enjoyment Garrrrr.

Ahoy! It's Film Friday with yer faverit ginger pirates. Now where can we find a bottle of nip flayvered rum?
Ay har, we be jumping in the grass back in the Spring, garrrr. We can't be hanging around here though, it's time to join the ship furr some lootin' and pillagin', arrrr


HAHAHAH Momma says that you should send this into funniest home videos!!
I iz just so very jealous that looks like sooooooo much fun!!

E&F it says that the video is not available?! Try later, we try later, still no video. :(
You sure look very very very happy!
Wooooo, that video made me feel like I was watching lions in the Serengeti. I bet you felt like you were! You practically are!

Abby Normal
Ahoy, boys! That is some terrific jumping!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat
Thankyou SSSOOO much for voting for my little bird on topcatrules.

From Rabbit
Nip flavored rum? Now that sounds like a great idea!
Ahoy, there, mateys, that be a mighty fine ship. I kin see ye're ready for anything wit' those jumping skills.
You boys make me smile. Is your mum feeding you jumping beans?
Absolutely adorable!!!! I love seeing kittys happy and in their element!
Avast and Ahoy from Gurglin' Marilyn Jones!
You guys have the best field! The video was wonderful to watch!
Yar! Ye be having lots of fun in the grass there, me mateys!
Oh boy! If we can convince our Grampy to stop mowing the grass we could try that! What fun!!
You guys know how to rock a field like no other!!!

Purrs Goldie and Shade
Now that looks like a lot of fun! I bet there be all sorts of creepy crawlies for you to hunt in that there grass :O)

Purrs, Skull Crusher Neck Snapper Nellie
You guys are part bun and have been keeping it a secret, haven;t you!!
Aye, awesome jumping!
No leapin' lizards when you get on board mates... you'll leap right off da plank!
i've got to say that the tall grass is one of the best places to play. oh and find other critters to torment.
What fun! I see that pretty tail waving! You guys have a great pirate ship.
~ Napoleon
Nip flavor rum

Avast maties can I join yur ship?

'Tis a great video! Looks like it was a ton of fun!

Cap'n Eric and Flynn, if you be needing extra deck hands it seems that the Black Furrball is full up, so we're happy to pressed into service with you!
Deadeye Jake and Sealegs Bert
Next video will be you hopping from ship to ship, lol ! I think Arthur found some pirates with grog !
That video made the Woman squee out loud at work. You are too cute she says.

Ye both be as cute as kittens, mateys. ;)
Eric and Flynn, ww, what a pair of jumpers! He,he it made me laugh but you know what you sort of look like me doing that, I love jumping in the long grass too. Can you sail your ship up the Thames and pick me up then we canhave a game together? Wags. Eric
Mateys, we has some nip flavored rum wif us! Come aboard and we'll sail away to plunder!
Whoa!!! What jumping skills!! You Rock!
PS: That's a very fine vessel for doing pirate business on! Ahoy!
I always love seeing you leap through the tall grasses!
Yarr, ye be a fierce pair o' ginger pirates indeed!
Yer buddy, Grog-master Jim
ARrrg! That looks like a fine field to be pillaging fer some scurvy rats!
Arrrr! Ye be fine pirates indeed, maties! Avast to ye!
OOOOHHH! jumping in the grass looks like the most fun ever! you guys have the best life!
ME'ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGG that be looking fun!!!
Finally I can see the video! Two gingerhoppers!
Dats whut our bakyard looks like rite now. But dats cuz Daddy haz bin too bizzy takin care of Mommy. At leest thats whut he sez. Lazy scabbard. Argh!

Wonder if I mite git to go jumpin beeforr Daddy pushes the grass shortnin musheen on it.
Har mateys!!!!! That is a fine ship!! Your romp in the grass is by far better!!!!
Let's go !! We have plundering ta do!!!


Pirate Mick the sword Test Dummy
Pegleg Bessie Backstabber
Smugglin Shakira Hawkins
Arrrrrr, ye are might fine Pirate jumpers!! Garrrr, Our Parrot concurs!
Yer scurvy Fl mateys,
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