Sunday, September 28, 2008


Easy on Sunday

I am making the most of the dry weather by sitting outdoors on my chair. It's supposed to rain again next week.

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Dearest Eric,
Your furs are very pritty! We wish we could sit outside...mommy is evil and will not let us out. The only thing we know 'bout the outside is what we see in the beautiful pictures that is on your bloggy. You and Flynn are our idols!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Great Mews! Diamond Emerald-Eyes has paw picked you to receive a Brilliant Weblog award! Please stop by her blog to pick it up. Meanwhile, she has selected me to give her some Temptations, so I guess I should go and do that now....
Your ginger and white coloring always looks so beautiful on the bright green grass background. You and Flynn are such a handsome mancats.
Get all of the sunlight that you can, where we live it is going to get colder this week and I bet it will cloud up too. I don't think we are to get rain though.
Eric, we has had rain since Friday early. It hasn't stopped yet and we hates it. Da only gud thing is that it is gud to nap in!
It has been dry here, thank goodness. I'll bet it's hard on you guys to stay indoors when it's you ever go over to the barn and hunt mice while it's raining?
It has been nice and sunny lately and you look content there on your chair Eric. Did Flynn's mousie come back to play with him? :) xxx
Feel free to send some rain our way!
It's best to take advantage while you can!
I hear ya, buddy. I made sure to run outside and get a good roll in on the concrete walk while it was dry, because it is going to be wet again soon. And tell your mum and dad not to worry: Momma says the colors will be at their peak in a couple of weeks.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
What a perfect way to spend the day!
Enjoy the sun while o can. If you don't want the rain, please send some my way because my spring garden needs it badly.
Ohh we love the rain here, it makes Momma happy coz the grass is green, it makes Mushka and I happy coz Momma is happy and it iz cosy so we gets more snuggles and naps :)
But you chair looks kinda cozy too! :)

Eric you looks cofy on the chair, a wee bit sleepy but I can tell by your ears and tail, that you could leap into action at any time.

I hopes you gets to rest inside if it rains.
We know just what you mean! Mom won't let us out when it rains either! Enjoy the sunshines!
It has not rained here in 7 weeks. We wish it would!
Eric! With all the rain you've had, we're surprised you and Flynn aren't soggy!
we gotta lotta rain heer too! it wuz suppozed to rain today ... but it'z dry so far.
i think owr rain wuz frum hurricane erik (harharhar! it'z tru!)
duhr ... it wuz hurricane kyle ... i lied.
i thot it wuz erik.
duhr again.
We've had way too much rain also. We are all happier when we can sit outside in the sun. Mom too.
You are a smart mancat, Eric! It's been raining here for days and I cannot wait until it finally stops.
Yup,ya gotta take advantage of every nice day!!! Enjoy your day on your chair.
We are waiting for "Kyle" to pass by. It will be a Tropical Storm and we will get mostly wind. WE are not in his path :)
Purrs Mickey
Doodz. Y'all haf had too much rain.

Luf, Us
Eric, it seems the life of a cat on a farm is very, very good indeed!
Guys, do you fancy a visit to Wimbledon so you can tell that Mr Ginger in my garden where to go please? Your furrend. FAZ
My brofur Noah got to be outside for about a minute yesterday when he got home from his little trip. You and Flynn are so lucky to have a safe place to go out!
~ Miss Emily
Great place to sit Eric! We hope you get some more dry spells soon!
Your FL furiends,
Seize the day, Eric! Your chair looks very comfy and special!
Looks real comfortable. We want to be outdoors too while the weather is still good, but mommy and daddy said no way.

~Donny and Marie
Yes, we must enjoy good weather when we can.
Mom won't let me outside to enjoy the cool, fall air or the sunshine. I must stay indoors and look out the window or door.
Look at you sitting out! We have to sit in - mom said if we sit out, the vishus kangaroos will bounce up and down on us!
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