Sunday, September 14, 2008


Easy on Sunday

We are going to take it easy today. We are just going to sit here and watch the fev-vers. We're not even going to catch the mousies. Nope, we're having a day off today.

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A day off is well deserved for two fine cats as yourselves. Enjoy your Sunday.
Good on your guys!! You need some relax time now and again :)
Haz a great day!!! :)
Fev-ver watching is fun and a good way to spend the day!!!!
Congrats on all the awards you got yesterday :)

Purrs Mickey
I am glad you both have very easy day today~!!!!!!
That sounds like a perfect day! Have fun.
What a great idea! Grayson really needs some rest after seeing all those Evil Squirrels are back.
I bet the mousies are happy that you are taking today off!
Thx for telling Mommy about our broken link yesterday!
Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday!
Well it is Sunday, got to get one day off a week...
Relaxing Sundays are the BEST kind of Sundays! Have a great day.
Yes, even us kitties need a day off once in a while to do as we please. We are very envious of you two with your beautiful green grass to do nothing in.
I wanna nap just looking at you.
That sounds like a plan!
A day off? Oh deer bee.

Luf, Us
You deserve it, boys! Enjoy the day!
You deserve it, guys ... have a great day!
Enjoy your Sunday!!! Muahahahaha!
Hi Eric and Flynn,
I'm Toulouse and it is nice to meet you! It looks like a beautiful day to relax. I hope you enjoy your day!
Your Friend,
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