Saturday, September 06, 2008


Don't call me Fat.

Mum says I look like a big fat china cat in this photo, (not our furrend China Cat). I told her it is camera angle cuz I'm not fat! If you look, you can see I have my back legs leaning forwards with my front legs.
Eric didn't haf to go to the V E T. Mum spoke to him on the phone, and he thinks it is a food intolerance cuz it is different to the last time he was ill. She bought him some special crunchies today and he hasn't yakked them up. I'm not sposed to eat them but I did sneak a few, and they are lishus. I don't think Eric will tell on me. We are hoping he can get to tomorrow morning yak free and that will be 24 hours.

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yeah. and don't call me fat either. we mean it! ha ha ha

smiles, auntie bee
Flynn you is a BIG BIG boy, but I wouldn't call you fat, just Mr Muscles, some muscles are big and some a small.
You look ever so cuddly, momma wants to jump through the screen and give big kitteh hugs!

P.s. Momma and I are so very happy to hear that it is so far so good with your brother. I hope it does help, some of us kittehs just have bad tummies :(
MOmmas says to remind that it dosen't stop it all together, because when my sister is a piggy and eats too many she still has a little yak, but that's just coz she was a piggy with them :)
You are so not fat. Cats are not fat--ever. They are fluffy.
No way you are fat Flynn ~ quite handsome on the contrary ~ we iz all very glad that Eric is doing better and purraying that he stays that way :)
Flynn, the word is "sturdy". You are not a fat cat.

I'm glad Eric is doing ok with the new food.
Gandalf is getting a little bit fluffy because he's eating most of our food. But we are never, ever fat. Nope.
Oh Flynn,it's the camera angle!!!!!! You look good :)
Good for Eric too !!!!!!!
Purrs Mickey
I am happy to hear that you may have solved Eric's tummy upsats!
And I do not think you are fat at all!
Just lovely and floofy!
Flynn you is manly - not fat.

I love the word lishus, just don't eat all of Erics biscuits.

Have fun on the farm boyz.
That's so harsh, I blame the bad angles on the pawparrazi. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Boy, oh boy do I know what you mean! Just the other day mine mombean tooks a pic of me that showed off mine tumma, and she called it a 'pooch'. really I was just all curled up for a nice nappie. yeah, that's mine story -- and I'm stickin' to it!

Good news about Eric! I hopes his tumma feels better.
You are not fat, Flynn. You are just right!
We hope Eric's tummy feels lots better soon. We're purraying for him!
You're not're perfect. I hope the new crunchies solve Eric's yak problem.
When will the ever learn that cats are not fat, we is floofy!
Fat? Where? Do they want you all skinny???
Tell Eric we're purring his tummy feels better. Hope the new delish foods will help.
the Hotties
You're not fat, you're fluffy!
Good news on Eric's tummy troubles. No cats are not fat, unless you get to be one of the REALLY FAT cats that are 30-40 pounds.
I sure am glad Eric is doing better! We have been worried about him.

Momma thinks you look purrfect!
~ KittyBoy
Flynn, you are definitely not fat! You have a nice, robust physique! And you have a really cute expression in that photo.
Yoo is not fat! Yoo has floof just like me. Besides mancats are s'pose to look big and huge, its our muscles.

~ Shadow ~

Peeeeeee ssssssss: We is glad Eric is feelin better!
Flynn, you are not at all fat, you are just a big, handsome mancat like me! My Momma calls me fat too, and boy oh boy, does Daddy get mad at her ... hee hee! I hope that Eric will remain yak free too, he doesn't need any more tummy problems!
Purrs and headbutts,
I hope Eric hasn't yaked!

PS: You do not look like a fat cat, Flynn ;-)
Oh good, I'm glad Eric's eating okay now ..

No. Not fat.
Yoo are soooo not F-A-T Flynn! It's yer posishuning-just as yoo said.

Will yoo pleeze take care of my lemun bloobarry cheezekake!?! Give him a BIG hug frum me--but not too big cause than he will yak.
We see no fat...yoor mom took da piksher from a bad angle. Maybe yoo guys could both eat dem lishus foods, I don't think dey would hurt yoo.
Datz a gorgeous pictor.

Poor Eric's tumbly.

Luf, Us
Why would we call you Fat? Your name is Flynn! Heehee!

We hope the new crunchies helps Eric to not yak.

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
Oh, dear Flynn, you do not look fat at all. It certainly is the camera angle. And you're right that no one has ever called me a big fat china cat since I am only almost 7 pounds. I think that you look like a very handsome mancat in your picture today!

Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

P.S. I hope that you are not yakking, Eric! Purrs to you too!
You arenĀ“t fat!!! You have a big personality, muahahahahaha!
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