Friday, August 01, 2008



We were tagged furr a meme by Nitro of the Meowers furrom Missouri.

The rules are simple. They are:

1. be honest; 2. tag other kitties; 3. have fun!
What is your name?
Eric and Flynn.

If you could change your name what would it be?
Eric: Jaffa after Jaffa cakes because I’m orange and I love making biscuits
Flynn: Hunter for obvious reasons.

What is your pet's name? (it can be a webkinz or a real pet)

We haven’t got any pets so our favourite toys will have to do.
Eric: Scruffy rat
Flynn: Nippy carrot.

If you could change your pet's name what would it be?
Eric: Smart rat, but then I’d haf to make him scruffy again.
Flynn: Double nip carrot. You can never have too much nip.

What is your brother or sister's name?
Eric: Flynn
Flynn: Eric

If you could change their name what would it be?
Eric: Flynn would be Big Mouth cuz he never stops squawking and yowling.
Flynn: Eric Fatbutt cuz when he sits on me, he squishes me.

We're sposed to tag kitties now, but it's taken us about 6 weeks to do it, so efurrycat has probably already done it. If anyone hasn't and wants to, consider yourself tagged.

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thanks for visiting me.
i like soccer to how about you gis?
from cole and omalley
ps i am miss peaches grand bean
love you
Flynn, even though you are being mercilessly squashed, that last picture is wonderful!
We liked your answers!
I think he only sits on you coz he loves you :O)

That was a good meme.
Oh my handsum jaffa cake- Yoo and yer scruffie rat are so adorubul. And dont luk at what big mouth said yer name shuld bee,he just jeelus of yer mussuls!
Oh lookit's you two in that last photo! Mommy went "SQUEEEEE!"
Those were great answers to your meme. I LOVE the picture of the two of you together.
Oh great answers! I love biscuits too!

I LOVE this meme of you done~!
Shows you are loving each other and love your life!
That is great!
That was a great meme boys!!

That last photo really is sweet!! It shows how much you guys love each other!

purrs Goldie and Shade
Neat meme. Have a great weekend.
Those were some of the cutest pictures I have seen of yoo too...boy yoo are gud looking boyz....

oh mommy is just squeeeeeeeeeeeeing at your last pikshur!!!
Oh, we just came from the CB and we're so glad to see you aren't being blocked any more!
You two are just too much gingery handsomeness for my mommy to take!
we see your bloggie - has the prollem been fixed?
Thanks for the explanation. That's a dirty deal. There isn't anything wrong with your blog. Hopefully, blogger will realize this and things will return to normal soon.
Flynn and Eric
we can see your bloggie we hopes dat the probllem has been fixed...we know yoo guys don't like spam.

We love dat last piksher...Sadie sez she feels fur ya Flynn she gets skwished when Speedy wants to cuddle wif her too! Did yoor prollem wif Blogger get fitzed?
Ha ha - "Big Mouth", that's what we like to call Pear... OWWWW! Why are you hitting me Pearl - it's only the truth!

Flynn, I like your catnip-carrot hat! You two are such good brothers.
That was a good meme. Also great pictures.
Looks like tha blog is working now.
I had no idea what Jaffa Cakes were so I had to go see. I think that would be the purrfect name for you, Eric :-) You're right, Flynn, Hunter is obviously the best name for you. You are a wonderful hunter!

It looks like blogger's issue with you has been resolved. I really hope so!

Have a great weekend :-D
You two... such silly boys!
Happy week-end and purrs
Silly boys and neat pictures to go with the meme. Hope the problems with the blocked blog are cleared up!
We liked your meme. That last picture is great!!
We hope blogger has decided you two are cool.

~ KittyBoy
Oh Flynn, that carrot on your head is so funny - I can't stop laffin!
I saw the note that they think you guys are bad. Not so. We love you, don't let them take you away!

Just send your messages to the human dudes and help them change their mind.
Cute, cute and cute again! I have a nephew called Hunter but not one called Jaffa, lol!

I didn't know you'd been blocked but I can't imagine why you would have been coz there's nothing offensive on your blog, it's simply lovely!

I think (but cross your paws) that I've sorted my computer out now but Firefox keeps shutting down. Don't know why. I changed to Firefox coz IE used to do that all the time and Firefox was (used to be)so much more robust. Duhr! :) xxx
that is the cutest photo ever!!! and i am sorry you can't post, sarge can't either and he is MAD about it too! i hope it will be fixed soon...

smiles, auntie bee
Nice meme! That last photo is just so ... so ... special! :)
Awww, Eric and Flynn, you did a superduper job on yur meme, and yur pickshures are just purreshus! Mom's SQUEEin ofur the last one, of you two snugglin togethur!

We Ballicai are so sorry to hear about yur bloggie trubbles! I hope things get straytened out soon. You've got a wunnerful bloggie with no no no spam, just lotsa kitty love and snugglies!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
We hope the blogger people have got their act into gear and are not being silly any longer.

Hugs from us. :)
Sorry, you're locked out because everybody knows you're not spammers! Just look at the last photo of you too snuggling... that means your snugglers, not spammers! Sheesh!
Wow, the last pic is almost too manly!!
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