Saturday, August 02, 2008



Hooray!! We got our blog back. You all know we're not spammers, we know we're not, and now Blogger knows we are not as well. Seems like Blogger went crazy and locked a lot of people out of their blogs including Auntie Bee's Sarge Charlie. We don't know if any other kitties were locked out too, but now it's business as usual.


Hmmmm, we wonder if Blogger was acting high-handedly while our bean was gone on her trip with grandbeans. Whatever happened, we're sure glad everything's back to normal now!!


Grace & Company
MomBean likes spam from a can, but not 'puter spam. Glad you're back!
there were lots of them! yikes! blogger went bugger yesterday! so glad you are back. sarge is back too.

smiles, auntie bee
we is furry happy you're back!!! YAY!!!!
Doods. Yay!

Luf, Us
We are glad you are back! We were out of commission too but just now we are back! HOORAY!

Life is good!

Laila and Minchie
Blogger went krazeee! Glad yoo is back. How about if dey actually take care of dem ones dat really is spammers...naw, dat would make sense.
Yippee! You are back. Blogger bots can't tell real spam from unreal! Hope you are having a great Saturday!
Your FL furiends,
We're glad you made it back. We noticed that effury cat blog we had problems with today came back now!!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
I wonder what blogger is trying to define as spam? At any rate I am glad that you are back.
Yay! We're glad you guys are unlocked. Blogger did that to us one time a couple years ago. Silly Blogger. I think this time they made weird rules that didn't work tho cuz so many cats were affected. It's because of the stupid spam blogs. So let's all go poop on the pillows of the spam bloggers.
your bud Pepi and the rest of the Hotties
I am very glad you got out of Spam prison!
Luckily, we weren't blocked out of our blog, but we couldn't visit several of our fur friends since last night. Glad to have you back!
Hello pals, thanks for dropping by my blog and for your kind comments. It really means a lot to me and the Js. J x
I's glad yur back! (and front) ;-)
Brownie writed me bout how he helped you get unlocked. Is dat what werked?
Whether through the front door, side door, or back door... we're
glad you got "back in" and "back on". Welcome home.
Gosh, I'm sure glad you're back. That sounds askeery!
it happened to us too and blocked us from some others lyk the cat blogosphere. we went into owr blog by sneaking thru and signing in. it let us post but we couldnt get comments or read ours. thats were we read they blosked alot by accident by marking them as spam.
You two are way too cute to be spam :)
Welcome back!!
Purrs Mickey
Stoopid Blogger!
Oh man, Blogger! How annoying that you were locked out!
I got locked out too!
Stupid bloggerr, but it's OK now!
We're glad you and all the others are back now. What a pain! When things go wrong with google, they go wrong en masse!
Whew, so glad you's unblocked.
That's purrty skeery.
Love and purrs,
Not this time, but they blocked me once before! Glad you're back.
Yay, you are back! Silly blogger thinking you are spammers!
we's glad to see you is back wif us!! of course you isn't spammers, you is kitties!

we knows of six ofur bloggies (outside the c.b.) that blogger was playin' funny buggers wif. maybe it's the heat!

mom sez she can't wait to see what kind of conniptions the innernets throw when the sunspots come back strong (2010 or 2011).

anyway, welcome back--as free cats!
YAY! We Ballicai are glad yur back and that yur bloggie's unlocked!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
I am so glad that was finally fixed!
We sure are glad that was fixed! While we can't visit often and we don't make many comments any more, we still love to keep up with you guys! If our secretary gets our home computer fixed up again, we may be able to blog again. (But we're not holding our breath!)

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