Sunday, August 24, 2008


Easy on Sunday

Sometimes we like to lie on the earth in the greenhouse instead of in our plant pots. Mum wuz going to pull up the grass that is growing in there, but we told her to leave it cuz it makes a tasty snack. She sez the grass seeds must haf come furrom the hay in our pots. We hafn't had much sun this year, so the tomatoes haf only just started ripening. Mum sez she had nearly given up hope on them ever getting ripe.

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Oh goodness, you two look so comfortable!

Enjoy your Sunday!
Wow, so many tomatoes! Careful your momma dosen't make you eat them too!
It looks like a nice cosy spot and all that grass is excellent for waking up nibbles :)
That looks like a nice cool place to lay...and having some grass to nibble on is an added bonus!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
Chillaxin' is an art! You've got it down pat!!
you boys look SO cute there! tell your mom our tomatoes are finished already. they sure were good while they lasted though!

smiles, auntie bee
You boys sure have lots of fun hanging around Outside!
Whut a great way (and place) to spend yer Sunday!
Great way to chillax, guys. You really should be allowed to keep the grass for snacks. Maybe you shouldn't make your mum cry by eating the finally-ripening tomatoes.
your bud Pepi and the rest of the Hotties
You two have a great greenhouse to relax in!
What a lovely place to hang out in! You look very happy.
The greenhouse seems to make a good napping spot for a lazy Sunday! Hope you had a great day, Boys.
You guys look so comfy!
Hey! Yur mater plants luk different dan owrs did.

Chillaxin on da grwound ist good.

Luf, Us
You've got it made! Fresh grass within inches of a primo napping spot.
What a cool mum to leave the grass for you 2 to munch on! That looks like a great corner you have found! You guys have the neatest places to relax!
That looks like a great spot to relax in. I tried to take over my mom's chair today but she keeps moving me.

Abby Normal
But I see two very ripe tomatoes in the background. Mom's tomatoes didn't do to well this summer either.

You two look very comfortable.
Those pink eggs are Salted Duck Eggs. DKM lives in a community with a lot of Chinese and Pilipino families. Salted Duck Eggs are something DKM would never eat… though, she does get her fresh chicken eggs and quail eggs from him.
Snacks close to a snoozy spot are important!!
Hope your Mom gets sun for her tomatoes!!!
Purrs Mickey
Dat looks like a great nap spot...what wif da snacks so close and stuff. Our tomatos are just "coloring" now too, course here in da great white north (Wisconsin) dey is right on time. Tho mom is getting sick of cucumbers and ziccini...and green beans, she's frozen lots and lots of beans.
That looks like a great spot to nap. We hope you start getting more sun soon. It isn't good that you haven't had much this summer.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
The two of you look quite relaxed and comfortable. It was thoughtful of your mum to keep the grass in there so you can enjoy it.
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