Friday, August 29, 2008


Scruffy Rat

When we were kittens, one of our very first toys was a black rat. I told Flynn it was mine, and it was and still is my most favourite toy in the whole world. I call him Scruffy Rat, but I don't think mum knows his name because she calls him Fred Bear. Silly mum, surely she can see he's not a bear.

I like to chew him and bunnykick him. It's lots of fun.

He doesn't look much like a rat any more. Most of his black furrs have gone, and one ear and both eyes, and all his stuffing is coming out, but I still love him. Mum bought some new black mousies that looked like Scruffy when he was new, but they aren't my Scruffy Rat and no way am I going to play with them.

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Scruffy Rat certainly looks well-loved, Eric.
He looks like lots of fun, and it is good that you have mauled him enough but he is still kickin' :)
Yep. I can tell just by looking at old Scruffy Rat that he is very well-loved.
You have to keep making sure it stays dead because we just know it keeps coming alive!

Abby & Stygia
Awwww, that's adorabble how much you love yur Scruffy Rattie! He looks well played with. You two are such adorabble fellers!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
He looks like he's been in a war!

Funny little rat.

Purrs Goldie
Old toys are gold ~ and lots of fun ~ looks like you had many happy times with the rat :)
fanks for tealling us about your friend scruffy rat, I can tell you loves him.

Poppy Q
Heeehhehee Dats funny. He reely looks like a rat too.
Hahahahaha! He looks like some of the toys we gots...

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
I can tell just by looking at him that his true name is Scruffy Rat!
You just can't beat a favorite toy. Huggy Bear has one like that and Mom and Dad just can't get rid of it because he will hunt it every night and bring it to Mom and Dad proudly.
Scruffy Rat must be well made! We can tell he is valued and loved!!
~ Napoleon and Sara
I know what you mean- he's YOUR scruffy rat and smells just right. Replacements might be kind of fun but not the same.

We love our old toys too - there's nothing that can replace them!
Scruffy rat is indeed a well loved friend and we all know friends can't be replaced.

Hahaha! Sunny's favorite toy to kill is a big black rat. He loves to hold it and bunnykick it feverishly! I think it might be because it reminds him of Rascal ;-) He's had a few. Once I found one without any fur on it, just the plastic body :-0 Sunny had skinned it and it was scary looking!
We are impressed that you still have Scruffy Rat. Our toys always seem to go missing into the Black Hole.
in fact, brudderz ... mi brudder mickey mantle hizself, haz a collekshun uv mowsiez ... click heer to see dem.
da las mowsie iz hiz favrit.
He's a well loved Scruffy!!
Mom had a stuffed bunny like that when she was little, named Ruthie. Mom slept with Ruthie every night for 20 years, until she got dad to sleep with. She still has her in a box in the closet.
Certainly, our first toy is unique!
mmmmm, Scruffy rat looks tasty! Does he have nip inside?
I have an old, nip bag I like to drool on and sleep with.
Looks like Scruffy Rat has been through the Ringer. You better keep an eye out because your mom may try to get rid of him when you are not looking.
Doodz. Rat looks ded.

Luf, Us
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