Friday, August 08, 2008


One,Two, Three

My favourite game to play with my mum is One, Two, Three. She picks up a bit of earth or wood chip and whispers one, two, three to me and I jump up in the air to catch it or chase it. We play it indoors too with rolled up shiny paper. When we play it with paper, I usually bring it back to mum to throw again. The video is bouncing up and down cuz mum had to keep bending down to pick up stuff to throw furr me.

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Fun time playing. Mum doesn't count but she tosses things for me to jump at too.
you two have such a good mom and dad!!! lucky ducks...

smiles, auntie bee
goodness! you is a dab hand, errrr, paw at that game! careful that you don't ofur-do--get plenty of rest, or you'll waste away.
This is so neat of your fun time with your mom~!
So so sweet!
Wow.. you can surely jump up real high. I love that video :)
Excellent trick! Wonderful!!!
Eric, we loved your video! That is just too cute, and we can tell you are having so much fun with your Mum!! She has such a sweet voice :)
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
You are a very clever boy Eric!! I never chase things mom throws for me, but I love to chase that red laser, but I never catch it!!

Wow, Eric that is some good jumping. It looks like a fun game. Maybe we can teach our Mom to play it too!
Yep we remember that game ~ we fink we saw you playing it once before too ~ our human tries to play with us too...though we can't jump as high as Eric - he is furry athletic!
That is super jumping!!!

Love that game. The PM doesn't count for me but I think she should.

purrs Goldie
Good Lad, Eric! That's very cool that your Mum will play cat-ch with you!
You are super Eric!!!!!!!!!!!! What an acrobat cat!!!! Great air you get in your jumps :)
10 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purrs Mickey
Dennis is impressed. You look good jumping! Dennis is rather grumpy and won't play much. But Dennis is glad you have a nice mommy who plays with you.
I almost had a moth last night!!!
That's very clever :O)
MB says that Livvie used to do those tricks once.

Purrs, Sukie s
Wow! That's really amazing jumping!! I'm really impressed.

Eric, you are such a smart and energetic kitty!
That's a great game. I play that with an orange ball, but only if I'm the only one around. If my siblings are in the room, I get cautious like they're going to pounce me or make fun of me and I won't play. But it is very good exercise. You have a great mid-air twist technique, too! Very impressive.
That looks like fun Eric. And you're a great jumper for sure. Can you come teach my Mom that game?
your bud Pepi
Cool flip...when moms count to 3 the usually means they have or had a doggie in their lives....mommy tends to do that too, she counts to see if we will catch a fluffy toy and she does that playin' ball with the spooz=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
What jumps!!!

Are yoo goin to be jumpin in dee ooo-lyp-icks? Wowie zowie....

What a fun game! You are a very good jumper. And I like how your mom gives you lots of good encouragement.

ps: We are still laughing about the "poop sausage" comment you left for Miss Jade.
Very athletic Eric, I am impressed.
That looks like a super fun game :-D Eric, you can jump up higher in the air than Sunny!
That looks like a really fun game Eric!
Yoor mom really seems to like dis game. It's good of yoo to play wif her.
You are quite a jumper, Eric. And your mum helps you keep your legs strong with that game.
What a grate game! I don't jump much, but Bonnie was REALLY into jumpin an playin like that when she was young. Grate bidio!
Good jumping. Neat game.

pee ess: i's gotted your discs all ready to mail.
Eric, you are brilliant at your game of One, Two, Three! What a jumper you are!

Purrrrrrrs, Willow
*grrrr pirate blogger ate our comment*

Eric, that looks like a super fun game.

our mom likes your mum's accent! She just has a boring one from Iowa.
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